2021 World Series of Poker Europe
£220 Main Event

Treys No Good for Toporeanu

Jaxon • Level 28: 40,000-80,000, 80,000 ante

Alexandru-Dan Toporeanu open-jammed for about 10 big blinds from under the gun with {3-Clubs}{3-Hearts}. Martin Tse called from the hijack with {5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} and the rest of the table folded.

Toporeanu didn't get any love after the {q-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{5-Clubs} ran out on the board and was eliminated in 10th place.

There will be a pause in the action as the final table is being set up.

Player Chips Progress
Martin Tse HK
Martin Tse
HK 2,055,000 70,000
Alexandru-Dan Toporeanu RO
Alexandru-Dan Toporeanu
RO Busted