2021 World Series of Poker
£220 Main Event

Cullen Eliminates Two

Jaxon • Level 16: 2,500-5,000, 5,000 ante
Lawrence Cullen

There was a huge pot generated on Table 2 with two players all-in for 20,000 and 80,000 each and Lawrence Cullen and another player also in the hand with chips behind.

Cullen checked after the {2-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{9-Spades} came on the flop and his opponent bet 40,000. Cullen jammed for about 150,000 and his opponent folded.

The table erupted when Cullen turned over {j-Spades}{j-Hearts} for top set with his opponents holding {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and {a-Clubs}{10-Spades}.

The {3-Clubs} came on the turn followed by the {9-Hearts} on the river and Cullen eliminated two players while bringing his stack up to 450,000 in chips

Player Chips Progress
Lawrence Cullen GB
Lawrence Cullen
GB 450,000 355,000

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