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Aanquich Traps Koren

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Artur Koren

Joining the action on the {K-Spades} {9-Diamonds} {3-Spades} flop, Artur Koren called a check-raise of Hzaram Aanquich to 11,400 and then called the bet of 21,300 on the {3-Diamonds} turn. The Dutchman checked the {A-Hearts} river and Koren moved all in for over 30,000 still, Aanquich snap-called with {A-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds}. Koren only had {J-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds} for jack-high and was sent to the rail.

Player Chips Progress
Hrazem Aanquich NL
Hrazem Aanquich
NL 195,000 110,700
Artur Koren at
Artur Koren
at Busted

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