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£1,250 Main Event

Chung into Chip Lead After Audacious Float

will_shill • Level 31: 50,000-150,000, 150,000 ante
Timothy Chung

Timothy Chung {8-Clubs}{7-Clubs} raised to 240,000 under the gun and called a three-bet from D A with {a-Clubs}{2-Clubs} for 620,000 out of the small blind.

The flop came {9-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{6-Clubs} and D A bet 425,000. Chung called.

The turn was the {q-Diamonds} and D A checked. Chung bet 550,000 and D A check raised to 1.4 million. Chung flat-called and the river was the {7-Diamonds}.

Both players checked and Chung took down the pot with his pair, moving into the chip lead after the biggest hand of the tournament so far.

Player Chips Progress
Timothy Chung hk
Timothy Chung
hk 7,200,000 2,800,000
4,200,000 -2,900,000