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H-41: $25,500 Sunday 5 Million

Kelopuro Slams Yan Off the Pot


Blinds 30,000/60,000

David Yan opened to 190,800 from the small blind and Sami Kelopuro defended his big blind to see the {a-Clubs}{q-Hearts}{6-Hearts} flop. Yan continued for 220,800, Kelopuro called and a {q-Spades} peeled off.

Both players checked through to the {j-Clubs} river where Kelopuro fired in 441,600. Yan quickly folded and Kelopuro pulled in the pot thanks to a river bet.

Player Chips Progress
Sami Kelopuro fi
Sami Kelopuro
fi 3,125,000 445,000
David Yan nz
David Yan
nz 1,560,000 -490,000