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H-06: $25,500 Sunday Five Million [2-Day Event]

Down and Up for Nemeth


Blinds 30,000-60,000

Andras Nemeth recovered some of the previous loss by winning a small heads-up against Guillaume Nolet and then faced a raise to 120,000 by Francisco "VaPaCooler" Benitez on the button. Nemeth three-bet to 540,000 only for Benitez to four-bet, making it 1,140,000 to go. Nemeth bowed out as Benitez further added to his stack.

Matthias Eibinger then raised to 132,000 and Nemeth called in the small blind, "FlowTao" did so from the big blind. Nemeth opted to lead the {k-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{2-Spades} flop for 150,480, forcing two folds.

Yuri Dzivielevski then defended the big blind against a min-raise by Benitez and his open-shove on the {10-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} flop was succesful.

Player Chips Progress
Andras Nemeth hu
Andras Nemeth
hu 5,509,652 30,000
Francisco "VaPaCooler" Benitez uy
Francisco "VaPaCooler" Benitez
uy 3,914,345 450,000
Guillaume Nolet ca
Guillaume Nolet
ca 3,026,181 -193,500
Benjamin Rolle de
Benjamin Rolle
de 1,880,944 -30,000
Elio Fox us
Elio Fox
us 1,839,365 -127,500
Matthias Eibinger at
Matthias Eibinger
at 1,787,157 -169,500
FlowTao ge
ge 1,165,184 -199,500
Yuri Dzivielevski br
Yuri Dzivielevski
br 677,172 172,500