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H-06: $25,500 Sunday Five Million [2-Day Event]

Benitez Jams Into Nemeth


Blinds 30,000-60,000

Following a raise to 126,000 by chip leader Andras Nemeth, Benjamin Rolle flat-called on the button and Francisco "VaPaCooler" Benitez stuck around from the big blind. Only Benitez check-called Nemeth's bet worth 154,440 on the {j-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} flop to then check again the {j-Diamonds} turn.

Nemeth now bet 522,660 and Benitez used more than two minutes of his time bank before jamming for 2.16 million. That won the pot without resistance, as Nemeth snap-folded.

Player Chips Progress
Andras Nemeth hu
Andras Nemeth
hu 5,479,652 -810,600
Francisco "VaPaCooler" Benitez uy
Francisco "VaPaCooler" Benitez
uy 3,464,345 1,011,600
Benjamin Rolle de
Benjamin Rolle
de 1,910,944 -133,500