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€50,000 Super High Roller

Juha Helppi Eliminated in 4th Place (€269,360)

[user198217] • Level 20: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Juha Helppi - 4th Place

The action started with Leonid Markin raising to 160,000 from under the gun. Juha Helppi made the call from the big blind and both players watched the flop come down {6-Spades}{2-Clubs}{j-Clubs}.

Helppi checked before Markin threw out a continuation bet worth 160,000. Helppi thought for a moment before raising it up to 400,000. Markin then instantly moved all in for 4.5 million which took Helppi by surprise.

The scheduled break had just started as Helppi went into the tank. A few minutes passed before Helppi began trying to get some answers.

“Do you have a good hand?” asked Helppi. “Will you show me if I call?” he added. Markin just shook his head.

“Tell me after the hand,” joked Helppi. Again Markin just shook his head.

Five minutes had passed before Markin turned to the clock before speaking out.

“Can you pause the clock. I just need to go upstairs and have a shower after this hand,” said Markin.

“You have clubs?” asked Helppi.

“I cant remember,” replied Markin.

“Can you check?” added Helppi.

“I have a rule to never look back at my cards after I go all in,” added Markin.

After an eight minute tank Helppi finally called with his 950,000 behind and the cards were tabled.

Markin: {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}
Helppi: {j-Hearts}{8-Hearts}

Helppi had run into Markin’s over pair and was not rewarded with his call when the board ran out the {3-Hearts} and {10-Diamonds}. Helppi was so eliminated in fourth place, the remaining three players are now guaranteed €355,070.

Player Chips Progress
Leonid Markin ru
Leonid Markin
ru 6,270,000 1,870,000
Juha Helppi fi
Juha Helppi
fi Busted

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