Live Events 1
£4,250 Main Event

Revealing Table

Yardley • Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

On a flop of {4-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{6-Hearts} Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo led out for 7,800. Sat to her immediate left was her opponent Sofia Lovgren who raised her to 16,000.

De Melo thought it over for a while before pushing her cards forward. Lovgren showed her the {10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}.

“That was nice of you to show her.” Marc-Andre Ladouceur called over and then gestured to his neighbour and continued, “I’ve been showing him mine all day.”

De Melo thanked Lovgren for showing her what she had.

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