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£4,250 Main Event

Katching a Break

Homer • Level 17: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante
Eugene Katchalov

Daniel Erlandsson opened preflop and Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov moved all in for 23,500 - he received an automatic call.

Erlandsson: {A-Clubs}{7-Clubs}
Katchalov: {K-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}

The flop came {4-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} and Katchalov giggled, ahead but still in a coinflip spot. The {Q-Spades} turn improved him to two pair and took away three of Erlandsson's outs. It was just as well because the {A-Hearts} came on the river but it wasn't enough to unseat the Ukrainian player.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel Erlandsson se
Daniel Erlandsson
se 575,000 -70,000
Eugene Katchalov ua
Eugene Katchalov
ua 50,000 -36,100

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