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€5,300 Main Event

Jensen Keeps on Firing

Webjoker • Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Frederik Jensen opened for 700, and neighbor Kent Lundmark made the call in the hijack. The player in the big blind squeezed to 2,600 and the action was back on Jensen. The EPT Madrid winner five bet to 5,600 and Lundmark folded rather quickly. The big blind seemed in doubt, but called after some thinking.

The big blind carefully checked to Jensen on {6-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{6-Spades}, and the Dane bet 4,300. The big blind tossed in the necessary chips to call, and check called another 6,000 after the {9-Diamonds} hit the turn.

The {Q-Clubs} fell on the river, and the big blind checked with about 12,000 behind. Jensen thought for about a minute, and then pushed 22,000 to the middle to put his opponent all in.

The big blind thought for a bit, and folded with a disappointed face.

Player Chips Progress
Frederik Jensen dk
Frederik Jensen
dk 57,650 21,650

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