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Vanessa Selbst Eliminated

Webjoker • Level 3: 100-200, 0 ante
Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst didn't last too long today, as she just lost her last chips. She must have lost a sizable pot earlier on, as she was short stacked already at the beginning of her last hand.

We missed the precise action, but the eventual winner of the hand told us that Selbst had opened to 400, and received two callers. All three of them checked the {5-Spades}{K-Hearts}{3-Spades}-flop, and the {K-Diamonds} hit the turn. Selbst bet out 700, according to the player on the button, and one player called. The third involved player raised to 2,600, and Selbst called all in. The other player folded.

Selbst had {Q-Spades}{Q-Clubs} and was behind as the player on the button showed {K-Clubs}{8-Clubs}. Selbst needed a queen, but wouldn't get it. The river came the {2-Diamonds} and Selbst got up from the table and left the tournament area.

After a deep run, but no cash, in the Super High Roller, again no luck for Selbst here. There's still more tournaments to be played this week though, and the €10,300 High Roller later this week might be her best chance of getting even or ahead for the week.

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