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€10,300 High Roller

Why All the Drama?

Webjoker • Level 9: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Mark Teltscher opened under the gun to 2,500, and Max Lykov on the button and Adam Levy in the big blind made the call.

Levy checked to Teltscher on {J-Spades}{5-Spades}{A-Hearts}, and the Brit continuation bet 3,200. Lykov folded, but Levy check raised to 10,300. Teltscher made the call.

The turn was the {8-Diamonds} and Levy bet 13,500. Teltscher looked how much Levy had behind (30,000), and then pushed all in. Levy called instantly.

Both turned over ace-jack suited but neither had spades. The {Q-Hearts} on the river settled that; split pot.

"Why all the drama?" asked Jeff Rossiter with a smile.

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