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Event #32: $5,200 NLHE [8-Max, Event #Main Event], $1.5M Gtd - Trophy Event #17

Ramon "RamonColillas" Colillas Eliminated in 2nd Place ($276,741)

connorrichards • Level 40: 400,000-800,000, 100,000 ante

"WhatIfGod" opened to 1,600,000 on the button and Ramon "RamonColillas" Colillas called.

Colillas checked on the {7-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} flop and called a bet of 2,400,000 from his opponent. Both players then checked on the {k-Diamonds} turn.

Colillas led out with a bet of 5,200,000 on the {7-Diamonds} river and "WhatIfGod" raised all-in. Colillas exhausted his time bank before calling off with his final 16,159,152.

"WhatIfGod" showed a rivered flush with {q-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} to win the pot, while Colillas held {a-Diamonds}{8-Hearts} for eights and sevens and was eliminated in second place.

Player Chips Progress
WhatIfGod se
se 100,500,000 27,447,152
Ramon "RamonColillas" Colillas ES
Ramon "RamonColillas" Colillas
ES Busted