Live Events 1
€10,300 No-Limit Hold'em

Event Info

Buy-in €10,300
Prize Pool €591,700
Players 61

Level Info

Level 22
Blinds 15,000 / 30,000
Ante 30,000

Players Info - Day 2

Players Left 1
Entries 61



Dvoress Remains Active

ajlamers • Level 15: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

With a little over 40,000 in the middle, three players saw a flop of {k-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{2-Hearts}. Adrian Mateos checked from the big blind and Michael Soyza bet 16,000 from under the gun. Daniel Dvoress called in position and Mateos folded.

The turn was the {a-Diamonds} and Soyza fired out another bet of 35,000 which Dvoress called. The {4-Hearts} completed the board and Soyza down-sized with a bet of 30,000. Dvoress jammed all in for 115,000 and Soyza let his hand go after asking for a count.

Daniel Dvoress ca
Daniel Dvoress
ca 290,000 95,000
Michael Soyza my
Michael Soyza
my 88,000 -3,500

Tags: Adrian MateosDaniel DvoressMichael Soyza

Zhou Left Short

poolshir • Level 15: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

Quan Zhou raised to 13,000 from under the gun ad was called by Anton Yakuba on the button and Yuan Li in the big blind.

The flop came {3-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}, Lui check-raised the 13,000 continuation-bet of Zhou to 28,000 to which Yakuba had already folded. Zhou took a few seconds before making the call.

The turn brought them the {k-Hearts} and now Li bet enough to put Zhou all-in for his last 31,000. Zhou considered it for a bit before opting to fold.

Yuan Li cn
Yuan Li
cn 204,000 18,000
Quan Zhou cn
Quan Zhou
cn 31,000 -37,000

Tags: Anton YakubaQuan ZhouYuan Li


Yakuba Stretches His Lead

ajlamers • Level 14: 2,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

Derek Ip made it 11,000 to go on the button and found calls from Anton Yakuba in the small blind and Daniel Dvoress in the big blind. The flop came {k-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{2-Spades} and Yakuba led out for 12,000 only to have Dvoress raise to 32,000. Ip quickly folded while Yakuba called.

The turn was the {5-Spades} and Yakuba checked to Dvoress who opted to check it back. The {2-Clubs} paired the board on the river and both players knuckled the table again. Yakuba flipped over {7-Spades}{7-Hearts} and Dvoress was unable to beat it.

Anton Yakuba ru
Anton Yakuba
ru 482,000 216,000
Daniel Dvoress ca
Daniel Dvoress
ca 195,000 -65,000

Tags: Daniel DvoressDerek IpAnton Yakuba

Dvoress and Eibinger Win with Turn Bets

ajlamers • Level 14: 2,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

Michael Soyza raised to 11,000 in the hijack and was called by Daniel Dvoress and Yuan Li in the blinds. The flop came {k-Spades}{j-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} and the action checked to Soyza who continued for 13,000. Both Dvoress and Li made the call.

The turn was the {j-Spades} and Dvoress led out for 42,000. Li used up a time extension before laying his hand down while Soyza's cards quickly followed into the muck.

At the other table, Bertrand Grospellier raised to 10,000 and picked up called from Matthias Eibinger on the button and Orpen Kisacikoglu in the big blind. The flop fell {9-Spades}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades} and the action checked to Eibinger who bet 11,000. Both Kisacikoglu and Grospellier flicked in a call.

The turn was the {3-Clubs} and Kisacikoglu and Grospellier checked again. Eibinger slid the last of his 100,000 chips into the middle which got both of his opponents to muck their cards.

Daniel Dvoress ca
Daniel Dvoress
ca 260,000 -23,000
Matthias Eibinger at
Matthias Eibinger
at 170,000 43,000

Tags: Bertrand GrospellierDaniel DvoressMatthias EibingerMichael SoyzaOrpen KisacikogluYuan Li

One for Elky

poolshir • Level 14: 2,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

Jorryt van Hoof raised to 11,000 from the middle position and Bertrand Grospellier defended his big blind.

The flop came {3-Clubs}{7-Spades}{5-Hearts}, Grospellier check-called the 11,000 continuation-bet of Van Hoof.

The turn was the {4-Hearts}, Grospellier checked again and now Van Hoof bet 20,000 which was called.

The river completed the board with the {8-Spades} and both players checked. Grospellier tabled {8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} for the rivered set of eights and Van Hoof mucked while patting himself on his shoulder for the check at the end.

Bertrand Grospellier fr
Bertrand Grospellier
fr 236,000 80,500
Jorryt van Hoof nl
Jorryt van Hoof
nl 70,000 -87,000

Tags: Bertrand GrospellierJorryt van Hoof

Two Table Redraw

poolshir • Level 14: 2,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
11Kahle BurnsAustralia
12Jorryt van HoofNetherlands
13Matthias EibingerAustria
14Vladimir TroyanovskiyRussia
15Orpen KisacikogluTurkey
16Tsugunari TomaJapan
17Bertrand GrospellierFrance
18Jean-Noel ThorelFrance
31Daniel DvoressCanada
32Yuan LiChina
33Quan ZhouChina
34Arsenii KarmatckiiRussia
35Adrian MateosSpain
36Michael SoyzaMalaysia
37Derek IpHong Kong
38Anton YakubaRussia