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₽133,000 EPT Open Main Event



₽133,000 EPT Open Main Event
Day 1c completed

Agababaev Tops Day 1c; Gofman and Karmatckii Advance

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Georgiy Agababaev
Georgiy Agababaev

The final two starting days of 2019 PokerStars EPT Open Sochi RUB133,000 Main Event (~$2,040) have wrapped up and continued the strong turnout of the first flight at the stunning Casino Sochi in the mountain region of Krasnaya Polyana. Thanks to 204 entries on Day 1b and another 181 entries in the third and final flight, a total field of 853 entries has emerged thus far.

It is not the final number yet as players still have the option to enter for the first time or re-enter the competition until the cards go back in the air for Day 2 at noon local time on Friday, October 11th, 2019, and will receive 30,000 in chips at returning blinds of 800-1,600 with a big blind ante of 1,600.

The remaining two starting days featured 10 levels of 30 minutes each and Day 1b saw 103 survivors with two runaway chip leaders in Aleksandr Leonov (265,300) and Sergey Efimov (221,000). Several well-known local players claimed an above-average stack to their names such as Nikolay Fal (114,200), Dmitriy Ponomarev (101,200), Mikhail Zamyatin (88,800), Maxim Panyak (83,400), and Vahe Martirosyan (77,100).

For PokerStars ambassador Fatima Moreira De Melo, the early stages were without any major action and the former Dutch hockey international scored a late double up in the penultimate level of the night. She ultimately advanced with a stack of 53,500 and will join fellow ambassador Chris Moneymaker in the Day 2 field. Moreira De Melo was also interviewed by Poker Club Management and you can watch the video below.

Who else made it through to Day 2 in the early evening? Daniil Kiselev (59,800), Konstantin Puchkov (55,100), Denis Strebkov (45,800), 2011 EPT San Remo champion Andrey Pateychuk (41,400) and Simon Burns (28,100) avoided the third and final starting day.

As soon as the chips were bagged and tagged in the Ballroom, the action commenced in the Karaoke poker room and a very similar field size emerged on Day 1c. There were 161 unique players who purchased 20 re-entries in their hopes to run up a decent stack for the flagship event of the festival.

There was no massive chip leader this time as several players were gunning or the top spot. A rush of late eliminations on his table vaulted Georgiy Agababaev into the Day 1c lead with a stack of 159,200 as he edged past Aleksandr Orlov (154,400) and Emin Mugulov (146,000). Especially Orlov went on a hot streak late on to knock out several players while enjoying some drinks the Russian way.

Aleksandr Orlov
Aleksandr Orlov Second in Chips After Day 1c

Among the notables to make it through the final starting day were Artur Osipov (123,000), Andrey Malyshev (116,300), Gleb Tremzin (105,000), Aleksandr Gofman (103,600), Dmitrii Sukhorukov (72,200), Gerald Karlic (64,400), and EPT 2018 Sochi Main Event champion Arsenii Karmatckii (50,900).

Dmitry Gromov needed a second bullet to punch his ticket for Day 2 as most of his initial stack vanished when he ran into quads treys. He made it through with 43,100 and has some work at the tables ahead, which also applies for Garik Tamasyan (36,800), online crusher Laurynas Levinskas (36,200), Aleksandr Merzvhinskiy (23,600), and Roman Korenev (22,000).

The list of notable casualties on Day 1c includes Viktor Khodorenko, Andrey Bondar, Denis Timofeev, Terry Gonzaga and WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther to name just a few.

With all three starting flights now completed, at least 363 players will return to their seats in the Ballroom and Karaoke poker room to chase a portion of the prize pool. The level duration returns to 60 minutes each and it is expected that the money bubble will burst.

Another highlight of the festival awaits as of 8 p.m. local time with Day 1a of the RUB10,500 "Moneymaker's Road to PSPC" event which awards a Platinum Pass worth €26,000 for the 2020 PokerStars Players NL Hold'em Championship (PSPC) in Barcelona in addition to the first-place prize.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be on the floor to provide all the action from Sochi until a championis crowned in the days to come.

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Main Event Day 2 Seat Draw

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
11Rafail SushkinRussia78,60049
12Maxim IvanovRussia19,80012
13Aslan BakhitovRussia65,00041
14Konstantin PuchkovRussia55,10034
15Anatolii FilonenkoRussia299,400187
16Ali FerenixBulgaria93,00058
17Alexander ZubovRussia70,00044
18Iliya PoyarkovRussia48,80031
21Azim OrunovRussia88,70055
22Dmitrii SukhorukovRussia72,20045
23Sergey KudryavtsevRussia52,40033
24Demis VasilovRussia30,00019
25Alexey MelnikovRussia80,40050
26Dmitriy MedvedevRussia37,80024
27Ilya PirogovRussia29,00018
28Evgeniy KuliginRussia56,00035
31Vartan ManucharyanRussia27,50017
32Evgeniy SboevRussia96,80061
33Petr BartagovRussia38,50024
34Osman YelTurkey123,60077
35Vitaliy LiRussia58,10036
36Oleksandr SandulovUkraine35,20022
37Aleksey IstominRussia66,80042
38Rustem MusinRussia19,40012
41Mikhail SokolovskiyRussia23,10014
42Mikhail SeminRussia56,40035
43Arunas SapitaviciusLithuania25,00016
44Dmitry GromovRussia43,10027
45Ilya PenkovRussia68,70043
46Roman SokolovRussia63,00039
47Artur GrigoryantsRussia23,80015
48Arutyun MinosyantsRussia107,80067
51Dmitriy PonomarevRussia101,20063
52Alexander LakhovRussia65,10041
53Andrey MalyshevRussia116,30073
54Fengjiao WangChina60,90038
55Sergey KonovalovRussia41,80026
56Vadim LukiyanRussia31,10019
57Igor PlatonovRussia40,50025
58Mehmet KolguTurkey49,40031
61Aleksey StarkovRussia11,0007
62Dmitry ShulminRussia132,60083
63Michael RodriguesPortugal87,40055
64Sasa PerokCroatia51,80032
65Ivan BurlutskiyRussia23,20015
66Vladislav BazhinRussia48,50030
67Vincent RemitschkaGermany42,70027
68Dmitry KoryakovRussia44,30028
71Tobias PetersNetherlands132,90083
72Emin MugulovRussia146,00091
73Mikhail ZubRussia113,00071
74Akzhul DabylovKazakhstan42,60027
75Artem LukyanovRussia30,60019
76Konstantin RamazanovRussia124,70078
77Yernat TumanshiyevKazakhstan104,10065
78Eran Israel ShahamIsrael108,10068
81Kirill FirsovRussia41,00026
82Roman TimergazinRussia76,80048
83Ivan ArbatskyKazakhstan47,50030
84Pavel GergedavaRussia39,50025
85Artem SkakunRussia41,50026
86Vladimir ZakharovRussia47,30030
87Yuriy LogishRussia23,50015
88Muhtar TaysiTurkey18,90012
91Oleg PavlyuchukRussia31,60020
92Yuriy SuvorovRussia40,70025
93Artur MartirosyanRussia89,20056
94Alik ZazyanRussia55,80035
95Arsenii KarmatskiiRussia50,90032
96Ashot KagramanyanRussia32,20020
97Amir OganyanRussia91,10057
98Marat ShafigullinRussia33,50021
101Rihards DobelisLatvia139,40087
102Vladislav PrtrovRussia128,00080
103Mikhail ZamyatinRussia88,80056
104Yury SorkinRussia27,00017
105Alexsey GatskoRussia36,40023
106Vyacheslav GoryachevRussia71,30045
107Ivan KoktseuNetherlands22,60014
108Yam Hod GiladIsrael64,50040
111Yauhen KontushBelarus105,10066
112Vladimir KochelaevskiyRussia73,00046
113Valeriy AvanesyanRussia97,70061
114Andrey BaranyukRussia211,100132
115Sergey BagirovRussia20,80013
116Laurynas LevinskasLithuania36,20023
117Artem MetelskiyRussia40,40025
118Aleksandr MerzhvinskiyRussia23,60015
121Tatyana VoroninaRussia53,40033
122Leonid RudenkovRussia63,60040
123Vladimir PilyavskiyUkraine135,50085
124Daniil LesinRussia105,20066
125Vanush MnatsakanyanRussia2,6002
126Petr BazylevRussia43,70027
127Wilhelm IsaakGermany104,60065
128Aleksandr TkachevRussia30,00019
131Andrey UvarovRussia54,60034
132Aleksandr ProkopenkoRussia66,00041
133Roman TutoyanRussia66,60042
134Roman KorenevRussia22,00014
135Dmitriy DanilovRussia12,5008
136Andrey ChernokozRussia34,40022
137Ezatulla AmaniRussia77,90049
138Ivan SheptytskyiUkraine154,90097
141Oleg ZuevRussia23,80015
142Amiran AndguladzeRussia34,10021
143Sergey MenshovKazakhstan39,20025
144Maxim GolubRussia77,00048
145Aleksey SamkovRussia72,40045
146Filipp AukhodeevRussia116,90073
147Mikhail KudinovRussia57,20036
148Konstantin StreletskiyRussia100,90063
151Igor ReznikRussia78,60049
152Ilija AleksicMontenegro41,10026
153Sergey TerentyevRussia63,90040
154Artur OsipovRussia123,00077
155Sergey FedyaevRussia45,00028
156Ilya TimofeevRussia42,50027
157Iliya IliyaguevRussia93,20058
158Aleksandr VlasenkovRussia106,00066
161Anilkumar SinghIndia55,80035
162Marko BoskovicSerbia68,80043
163Aleksandr PakhomovRussia108,60068
164Danil LevchenkoRussia45,20028
165Mikhail BadalyanRussia30,40019
166Mikhail GusevRussia39,80025
167Johannes JobNetherlands48,90031
168Karen ArutyunyanRussia157,30098
171Anton KomarovRussia175,300110
172Svetlana AubakirovaKazakhstan52,40033
173Maxim LykovRussia79,20050
174Alisa SibgatovaRussia97,80061
175Konstantin KardashovRussia38,60024
176Boris KitovRussia126,30079
177Dmitriy KopylRussia110,50069
178Gor MusinyanArmenia32,00020
181Tibor TothHungary129,00081
182Konstantin KhavinRussia8,2005
183Konstantin NikolaevRussia185,300116
184Aleksey ShkolnikovRussia118,90074
185Vitaliy AvanesyanRussia63,00039
186Aleksey ShaburovRussia30,80019
187Arman AtshemyanArmenia61,60039
188Arkadiy StekolshchikovRussia127,00079
191Ivan RubanRussia29,80019
192Vladislav LevskiyRussia147,60092
193Elena KozlovaRussia56,60035
194Vahe MartirosyanArmenia77,10048
195Georgiy AgababaevRussia159,200100
196Andrey PateychukRussia41,40026
197Vladimir LelgantRussia35,50022
198Yaroslav KuzanUkraine82,70052
201Ivan VasilevRussia93,00058
202Aleksandr KuzminRussia28,80018
203Evgeniy MaslennikovKazakhstan113,30071
204Oleg LipkinRussia43,20027
205Alexsandr GukovRussia28,00018
206Dmitriy RikhardRussia65,00041
207Viktoriya TaranovaRussia107,20067
208Egor SukhovRussia29,60019
211Gleb KovtunovUkraine30,00019
212Stijn CuppensBelgium58,30036
213Firudin AlievRussia37,70024
214Giorgi RukhadzeGeorgia93,90059
215Denis LavrovRussia26,40017
216Vlada StojanovicSerbia50,50032
217Ruslan BakhtievRussia81,00051
218Aleksey PragerRussia60,40038
221Thom GrebenNetherlands79,40050
222Alexsandr ShugayRussia21,90014
223Viktor VolkovRussia65,90041
224Sergey SkorobachRussia107,10067
225Irshat ShaykhovRussia31,60020
226Nikolay FalRussia114,20071
227Pavel KireevRussia31,40020
228Egor AndrietsRussia22,50014
231Siarhei ChudapalBelarus87,40055
232Andrey LukyanovRussia120,70075
233Simon BurnsIreland28,10018
234Vyacheslav GaraevRussia76,40048
235Abdul Mamin Abdal Ali HanRussia57,60036
236Aleksandr IvanovRussia58,00036
237Vladimir BalakhonovRussia83,90052
238Fatima Moreira De MeloNetherlands53,50033
241Igor IzmailovRussia70,80044
242Dmitriy GrishinRussia37,10023
243Sergey EfimovRussia221,000138
244Yesset AimukhanovKazakhstan64,00040
245Alan TurabaevKazakhstan57,00036
246Sergey RomanenkovRussia54,30034
247Fanil IshbulatovRussia68,60043
248Perry HermonyIsrael39,30025
251Mikhail KukinRussia146,30091
252Afshin AfsharorumiehIran95,50060
253Alexey PugachevRussia24,40015
254Roman GadzhievRussia116,70073
255Serafim KovalevskyRussia63,90040
256Evgeniy TimoninRussia62,50039
257Sergey GalaktionovRussia88,60055
258Damir GabdullinRussia79,00049
261Aleksandr AndreevRussia96,50060
262Vasiliy TsapkoRussia27,00017
263Maryo BaazizBelarus107,90067
264Kirill MeleshchenkoRussia114,90072
265Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland30,10019
266Aleksey PetrovRussia91,20057
267Grigoriy LevitRussia80,00050
268Andrey SolovevRussia70,30044
271Yi YeChina101,50063
272Artem ZopunyanRussia36,20023
273Pavel IgnatovRussia24,80016
274Mikhail SimonenkoRussia128,70080
275Dmitriy ShutenkoRussia44,00028
276Konstantin AleksandrovRussia37,10023
277Alexandr LukyanovRussia25,10016
278Aleksandr PlatonovRussia68,50043
281Georgiy FilippovichRussia62,40039
282Aleksey GortikovRussia95,00059
283Vladimir ShraibergIsrael95,30060
284Yuriy BrechalovRussia87,70055
285Aldar BoldyrevRussia17,60011
286Andrey KotelnikovRussia39,10024
288Alesya SinevichRussia64,20040
291Khachik GrigoryanArmenia37,40023
292Hristo DechevBulgaria55,20035
293Artem VezhenkovRussia125,00078
294Eduard BarsegyanRussia80,60050
295Dmitriy BushmelevRussia27,60017
296Aleksandr SokolovRussia101,90064
298Anatolii ZyrinRussia66,80042
301Anton GrabchakUkraine20,40013
302Igor MironchikRussia103,00064
303Aleksandr GofmanRussia103,60065
304Evgenii ShkolnikRussia253,200158
305Pavel KovalenkoRussia44,00028
306Gerald KarlicAustria62,40039
308Maxim PanyakRussia83,40052
311Ivan KiselovRussia92,30058
312Vladislav NaumovRussia35,60022
313Andrey IvlevRussia47,80030
314Vasily PolukarovRussia49,20031
315Nikolay PlastininRussia42,00026
316Nikita KuznetsovRussia23,70015
318Nadir YusupovRussia15,80010
321Vadim GazaryanRussia33,80021
322Aleksandr DenisovRussia85,50053
323Artemiy BolshakovRussia110,20069
324Aleksandr OrlovRussia154,40097
325Vitaliy VolovRussia44,70028
326Komil RuzaevRussia127,00079
328Roman NovoselovRussia271,200170
331Sergey TatarkinRussia53,90034
332Kirill ShugayRussia94,20059
333Vitaliy GerasinRussia67,00042
334Lidiya KozenkovaUkraine77,80049
335Vladislav VinogradovRussia130,10081
336Anatoliy ShershnevRussia33,00021
338Svetlana SokolovaRussia38,90024
341Shakhabiddin MuradovUzbekistan16,50010
342Anatoliy PluzhnikRussia40,60025
343Maksim MutalapovRussia29,40018
344Irina GorkayaRussia20,10013
345Byoung Nam KimSouth Korea63,30040
346Sergey BobrikRussia34,50022
348Vyacheslav DerbyshevRussia100,90063
351Ghassan BitarGhana216,300135
352Aleksandr PustovoyRussia48,10030
353Sergey SannikovRussia72,90046
354Andrey DanilyukRussia76,00048
355Vyacheslav GusevRussia29,80019
356Giorgiy SkhulukhiyaRussia29,50018
358Bulat KhusainovRussia60,20038
361Roman ParfenovRussia95,10059
362Valery YantsevichBelarus57,40036
363Aleksey BadulinRussia75,90047
364Vitaliy KoshkarevRussia25,10016
365Rostislav KindratyshynRussia55,80035
366Garik TamasyanArmenia36,80023
368Kristaps VismanisLatvia25,20016
371Vladimir DmitrievRussia63,40040
372Kiryl RadzivonauBelarus31,50020
373Wang YanjunChina36,30023
374Denis StrebkovRussia45,80029
375Aleksey KuznetsovRussia36,20023
376Artem VoziyanovRussia83,40052
378Arsen GasparyanRussia28,60018
381Pavel VershininRussia76,20048
382Daniil KiselevRussia59,80037
383Yury ZabolotniiRussia48,00030
384Aleksandr Andreev (91)Russia19,30012
385Sergey PetrushevskiyRussia43,50027
386Nikita KalininRussia104,50065
388Evgeniy ShcherbakovRussia8,8006
391Zahiri BanafshehIran79,90050
392Vladimir LubyanovRussia106,90067
393Zhewen HuChina110,80069
394Pavel LubovRussia86,30054
395Andrey LitvinovRussia70,00044
396Pavlos ApostolinGreece38,40024
398Sergey FrizyakRussia30,50019
401Ruslan MityaevUkraine56,10035
402Vladimir DemenkovRussia33,20021
403Anatoliy SavinRussia108,00068
404Yvo MolinNetherlands46,10029
405Albert MikhaylyutaUkraine100,40063
406Dmitriy IvanovRussia22,10014
408Yury MasliankouBelarus63,30040
411Vladimir LappoBelarus74,20046
412Ruslan IsayevichBelarus19,50012
413Marian MikUkraine50,10031
414Evgeniy LeonidovRussia85,00053
415Anton KutsenkoRussia13,5008
416Daniel CarlssonSweden26,20016
418Denis TrenchenkoRussia146,00091
421Chris MoneymakerUSA226,300141
422Dmitry VitkindRussia176,000110
423Tatyana BarausovaRussia56,70035
424Dmitriy DanilovRussia58,10036
425Aleksandr PaygusovRussia39,60025
426Vivien NagyHungary50,90032
428Sedrak BagdasaryanRussia87,10054
431Andrey PlotnikovRussia121,10076
432Pavel KlokovRussia127,30080
433Dmitriy LogachevRussia43,40027
434Konstantin DanilovRussia50,60032
435Vitaliy PankovRussia51,50032
436Gleb TremzinRussia105,00066
438Evgeniy KorchaginRussia90,00056
441Viktor LevchenkoRussia16,50010
442Egor GerasimchukRussia20,30013
443Seyed Mansour RazaviIran113,00071
444Vitaly TevisRussia166,200104
445Mikhail PetrovRussia126,10079
446Viktor KorsunovRussia116,20073
448Ilya SadovRussia92,20058
451Valeryi RomashynRussia127,00079
452Zulfiya KolguKazakhstan41,90026
453Gennadiy OzhiginRussia37,40023
454Pavel MareevRussia80,80051
455Rufat AbdullaevAzerbaijan38,70024
456Pinat AdyevRussia26,20016
458Alexander HarrimanUK30,00019
461Vage MelikyanArmenia47,10029
462Mikhail RyabkovRussia20,50013
463Petr GlaskoRussia76,00048
464Sergii UlitskyiUkraine106,10066
465Oleg NikolaenkoRussia32,80021
466Leonid SemenyukRussia45,70029
468Dmitry YurasovRussia44,00028
471Mykhailo KulachkoUkraine31,10019
472Aleksandr LeonovRussia265,300166
473Andrey NemzorovRussia82,30051
474Andrey AndreevRussia381,400238
475Vasiliy KurdinRussia69,60044
476Sergey VerkhoturovRussia97,00061
478Marat BegenovKazakhstan22,60014
481Lev MoiseenkoRussia196,900123
482Suren GrigoryanRussia89,00056
483Natalia PanchenkoRussia89,10056
484Aleksandr KuzminRussia54,30034
485Igor VoronovRussia9,3006
486Pavel YakobsonRussia42,60027
488Vladislav KarpovRussia86,90054

End-of-Day 1c Counts (full)

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Georgiy Agababaev RU
Georgiy Agababaev
RU 159,200 -800
Aleksandr Orlov ru
Aleksandr Orlov
ru 154,400 -10,600
Emin Mugulov ru
Emin Mugulov
ru 146,000 16,000
Valeryi Romashyn RU
Valeryi Romashyn
RU 127,000 12,000
Konstantin Ramazanov RU
Konstantin Ramazanov
RU 124,700 6,700
Osman Yel TR
Osman Yel
TR 123,600 123,600
Artur Osipov RU
Artur Osipov
RU 123,000 18,000
Andrey Malyshev ru
Andrey Malyshev
ru 116,300 26,300
Evgeniy Maslennikov KZ
Evgeniy Maslennikov
KZ 113,300 8,300
Dmitriy Kopyl ru
Dmitriy Kopyl
ru 110,500 500
Aleksandr Pakhomov RU
Aleksandr Pakhomov
RU 108,600 108,600
Sergey Skorobach RU
Sergey Skorobach
RU 107,100 -22,900
Gleb Tremzin ru
Gleb Tremzin
ru 105,000 20,000
Wilhelm Isaak de
Wilhelm Isaak
de 104,600 11,600
Yernat Tumanshiyev KZ
Yernat Tumanshiyev
KZ 104,100 74,100
Aleksandr Gofman ru
Aleksandr Gofman
ru 103,600 33,600
Iliya Iliyaguev RU
Iliya Iliyaguev
RU 93,200 80,600
Amir Oganyan RU
Amir Oganyan
RU 91,100 1,100
Natalia Panchenko ru
Natalia Panchenko
ru 89,100 9,100
Azim Orunov RU
Azim Orunov
RU 88,700 88,700
Eduard Barsegyan ru
Eduard Barsegyan
ru 80,600 50,600
Damir Gabdullin RU
Damir Gabdullin
RU 79,000 -1,000
Igor Reznik RU
Igor Reznik
RU 78,600 48,600
Andrey Danilyuk ru
Andrey Danilyuk
ru 76,000 28,000
Aleksey Samkov RU
Aleksey Samkov
RU 72,400 41,400

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Day 1c Completed

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

The third and final starting day has bagged and tagged with 95 survivors by the looks of it. The full chip counts and a recap of today's action are to follow.

Ozhigin Doubles

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

In the final hands of the night, Gennadiy Ozhigin doubled for 18,400 when he held up with {a-Spades}{k-Spades} against the {k-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} of Artem Khachaturov. Half the table had received alcoholic beverages just before bagging and tagging, and they saw the board run out {8-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{2-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{q-Hearts}.

Khachaturov was left with around 18,000 and busted during the last hands.

Gennadiy Ozhigin RU
Gennadiy Ozhigin
RU 38,000 38,000
Artem Khachaturov RU
Artem Khachaturov
RU Busted
Elena Rusinova
Elena Rusinova
Maksim Bukreev ru
Maksim Bukreev
ru Busted
Dmitriy Shutenko RU
Dmitriy Shutenko
RU Busted
Nikolay Tyurin RU
Nikolay Tyurin
RU Busted
Evgeniy Nekrasov
Evgeniy Nekrasov

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Final Four Hands on Day 1c

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

Only 99 players out of 181 entries remain and they will play the final four hands for tonight.

Agababaev Among Big Stacks

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante
Georgiy Agababaev
Georgiy Agababaev

There were five seat open in very few minutes over on table two and that vaulted Georgiy Agababaev into a potential chiplead for Day 1c. Further big stacks in the final level of the night can be found below.

Aleksandr Orlov ru
Aleksandr Orlov
ru 165,000 -5,000
Georgiy Agababaev RU
Georgiy Agababaev
RU 160,000 90,000
Emin Mugulov ru
Emin Mugulov
ru 130,000 70,000
Valeryi Romashyn RU
Valeryi Romashyn
RU 115,000 5,000
Dmitriy Kopyl ru
Dmitriy Kopyl
ru 110,000 15,000
Evgeniy Maslennikov KZ
Evgeniy Maslennikov
KZ 105,000 15,000
Artur Osipov RU
Artur Osipov
RU 105,000 -35,000
Dmitrii Sukhorukov ru
Dmitrii Sukhorukov
ru 90,000 22,000
Andrey Malyshev ru
Andrey Malyshev
ru 85,000 20,000
Natalia Panchenko ru
Natalia Panchenko
ru 80,000 8,000
Damir Gabdullin RU
Damir Gabdullin
RU 80,000 50,000

Tags: Georgiy Agababaev