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₽133,000 EPT Open Main Event

Panchenko Gets Ye To Fold

zedmaster84 • Level 28: 40,000-80,000, 80,000 ante

Egor Sukhov raised to 175,000 on the button and Abdul Manin Abdal Ali Han checked for the stack size of his opponent before moving all in, Sukhov quickly folded.

Soon after, Giorgiy Skhulukhiya raised to 160,000 and everyone folded, he flashed {10-Spades}{10-Diamonds} and claimed the blinds and big blind ante.

Natalia Panchenko limped the small blind and Yi Ye checked from the big blind. On the {k-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} turn with two flushdraws, Panchenko checked and called a bet of Ye for 130,000. Panchenko then check-raised the {9-Spades} river from 200,000 to 780,000.

Ye immediately shook his head and kept staring at the board, he eventually folded and revealed the {k-Clubs}.

Player Chips Progress
Giorgiy Skhulukhiya ge
Giorgiy Skhulukhiya
ge 8,400,000 -100,000
Yi Ye cn
Yi Ye
cn 5,500,000 -700,000
Natalia Panchenko ru
Natalia Panchenko
ru 3,450,000 475,000
Lidiya Kozenkova UA
Lidiya Kozenkova
UA 3,000,000 250,000
Abdul Mamin Abdal Ali Han RU
Abdul Mamin Abdal Ali Han
RU 2,850,000 450,000
Vladislav Petrov RU
Vladislav Petrov
RU 1,700,000 -475,000
Egor Sukhov RU
Egor Sukhov
RU 1,425,000 -100,000

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