Main Event

Seat 3: Rodrigo Carmo, 24, Portugal (2,000,000)

Rodrigo Carmo

Rodrigo Carmo's live tournament résumé has revealed only a few small results up to date, combining for just under $18,000. But the 24-year-old player from Almada is a professional poker player who spends most of his time playing online in a Portuguese, Spanish and French shared liquidity pool. Carmo has been playing poker since early 2016 and he's currently a member of Polarize Poker, representing the coaching site as their Team Pro.

Rodrigo Carmo's Main Event run:

Day 262,500396/762
Day 3365,00041/259
Day 42,175,0004/56
Day 55,330,0003/13
Day 62,000,0006/6
Player Chips Progress
Rodrigo Carmo PT
Rodrigo Carmo
PT 2,000,000

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