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€1,100 EPT National
Day 1d completed

Tach Tops Day 1d As Another 844 Players Enter the EPT National

Jason Wheeler made it through in the final flight
Jason Wheeler made it through in the final flight

The fourth and final flight of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona €1,100 EPT National attracted another 844 players to put the total number of entries of all starting days above 4,300. Near 4 a.m., 125 out of 844 made their way to Day 2. The exact number and payouts will be announced at the start of Day 2.

While scheduled for 7 p.m., the players had to wait for over an hour to finally be able to start playing in the last turbo flight of the night. All tables in Casino Barcelona were occupied and Day 1c's schedule got adjusted to create enough free space to kick off Day 1d. The field size grew to 844 over the course of the night, largely due to nearly 700 (!) alternates jumping in to take a crack at the €4M+ prize pool.

Farukh Tach from The Netherlands was the one to lead the 125 survivors with 808,000 in chips, followed by countryman Jan Teunis with 730,000. France's Sonny Franco claimed third place with 627,000 in chips, while Gerald Ringe (411,000), Jakub Michalak (355,000), Lijo Lander (336,000), Rens Feenstra (219,000), and Jason Wheeler (150,000) were also among those that found a bag.

With the day ending shortly before 4 a.m., there will be little rest for the 127 survivors as Day 2 will kick off at 12 p.m. already. There will be exciting action right out of the gates, as PokerStars will hand out one of the $30,000 Platinum Passes shortly before cards go in the air. A Crazy Pineapple Flip Out Hand on each table will eventually decide who will receive a chance in the $25K PokerStars Players NL Hold'em Championship, held on the Bahama's in January 2019. A total of 650 players will all have an equal shot at the coveted prize up for grabs.

PokerNews will be back at noon to continue coverage of the massive EPT National at the European Poker Tour in Barcelona!

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End of Day 1d Chip Counts

Farukh Tach nl
Farukh Tach
nl 808,000 808,000
Jan Teunis nl
Jan Teunis
nl 730,000 730,000
Sonny Franco fr
Sonny Franco
fr 627,000 627,000
Matan Krakow il
Matan Krakow
il 621,000 621,000
Eric Meissonnier fr
Eric Meissonnier
fr 612,000 612,000
Pedro Ricardo Goncalves Costa PT
Pedro Ricardo Goncalves Costa
PT 532,000 532,000
[Removed:32] FR
FR 506,000 506,000
Alex Lindop gb
Alex Lindop
gb 465,000 465,000
Bartlomiej Swieboda pl
Bartlomiej Swieboda
pl 437,000 437,000
Victor Pedote dos Santos es
Victor Pedote dos Santos
es 424,000 424,000
Gerald Ringe gb
Gerald Ringe
gb 411,000 411,000
Victor Gomes De Castro BR
Victor Gomes De Castro
BR 397,000 397,000
Tomas Szwarcberg mx
Tomas Szwarcberg
mx 392,000 392,000
Pierrick Burban fr
Pierrick Burban
fr 391,000 391,000
Mathias Siljander fi
Mathias Siljander
fi 370,000 370,000
Evangelos Kokkalis gr
Evangelos Kokkalis
gr 369,000 369,000
Mohamed Touahri fr
Mohamed Touahri
fr 355,000 355,000
Jakub Michalak pl
Jakub Michalak
pl 355,000 355,000
Luis Rodriguez Cruz es
Luis Rodriguez Cruz
es 338,000 338,000
Lijo Lander es
Lijo Lander
es 336,000 336,000
Malikeh Razavi ir
Malikeh Razavi
ir 330,000 330,000
Ghattas Kortas se
Ghattas Kortas
se 305,000 305,000
Berdugo Saul fr
Berdugo Saul
fr 301,000 301,000
Barry Grime gb
Barry Grime
gb 284,000 284,000
Timothee Scotti fr
Timothee Scotti
fr 280,000 280,000

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Fourth and Final Flight Starts at 7 p.m.

€1,100 EPT National
€1,100 EPT National

The poker room in Casino Barcelona is nearly bursting as players occupy every available seat in the room for the €1,100 EPT National. At 7 p.m. local time Day 1d kicks off, the last chance for players to spin up a stack in this bumper field. Levels will be 20 minutes throughout Day 1d, and it's expected to finish around the same time as the regular Day 1c.

PokerNews will continue bring live updates of the 1,865-player field from Day 1c. Chip counts will follow at the end of the night after the final day has concluded.

Day 1d Blind Schedule

LevelBlindsSmall BlindBig BlindAnte
120 min100100 
220 min100100100
320 min100200200
420 min100300300
520 min200400400
620 min200500500
Break    20 min    
720 min300600600
820 min400800800
920 min50010001000
1020 min60012001200
1120 min80016001600
1220 min100020002000
Break    20 min    
1320 min100025002500
1420 min150030003000
1520 min200040004000
€1,100 EPT National
Day 1d started