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Some for Andre

Shamus • Level 27: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante

Action has slowed once more as we approach the last 15 minutes of Level 27, after which the dinner break will come. Just now a series of smallish pots on the outer table was interrupted by an interesting hand between Remi Castaignon and Cyril Andre which produced a little extra action.

The hand began with a 100,000 raise from the button by Castaignon and a call by Andre from the big blind. Both checked the {9-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{6-Clubs} flop, then Andre led at the {6-Spades} board-pairing turn for 125,000 and Castaignon called.

The river brought the {8-Clubs}. Andre checked this time, and when Castaignon bet 375,000, Andre called fairly quickly, and Castaignon tabled his {Q-Diamonds}{8-Hearts} for queens and eights. Andre then showed his {J-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} — he'd rivered a straight — and claimed the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Remi Castaignon fr
Remi Castaignon
fr 2,720,000 -630,000
Cyril Andre fr
Cyril Andre
fr 2,420,000 710,000

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