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Stoenescu Takes Chip Lead on the Last Hand of the Night

[user76079] • Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

What a last hand of the night! We missed the action but Andrei Stoenescu filled us in on the hand that launched him into the chip lead.

He told us he opened to 5,000 and four-bet to 29,000 when Konstantinos Nanos three-bet to 13,000. Nanos had around 140 - 150k and committed all of these by five-betting to around 100,000.

Stoenescu set Nanos all in and the latter called off with ace-jack. Stoenescu had them there aces and held to claim the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

Player Chips Progress
Andrei Stoenescu ro
Andrei Stoenescu
ro 485,600 145,600
Konstantinos Nanos gr
Konstantinos Nanos
gr Busted

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