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Here's a selection of hands for you from the past 5-10 minutes.

Hand 1: Sotirios Koutoupas opened to 400,000 then folded to Ramzi Jelassi's 1,100,000 three bet.

Hand 2: The players checked down a {7-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{6-Spades}{8-Hearts} board, Jelassi taking down the hand with a 400,000 river bet.

Hand 3: Jelassi opened to 400,000, Koutoupas three-bet to 1,000,000 then quickly folded to Jelassi's 17,830,000 shove.

Player Chips Progress
Ramzi Jelassi se
Ramzi Jelassi
se 18,890,000 2,190,000
Sotirios Koutoupas gr
Sotirios Koutoupas
gr 7,030,000 -2,170,000

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