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Cymbaluk Loses Race; Busts

Glen Cymbaluk - Eliminated

Martin Hanowski opened to 25,000 in early position, Enrico Tau three-bet to what looked like 68,000 on his direct left, and the action folded to Glen Cymbaluk, who moved all in for 211,000 from the small blind.

"Let's see if they changed to aces," Hanowski joked, looking at his hand one last time before folding.

Tau examined Cymbaluk's stack, then called.

Tau: {k-Clubs}{q-Hearts}
Cymbaluk: {j-Hearts}{j-Spades}

There was a queen in the window of the {2-Spades}{a-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} flop, and a second queen - the {q-Clubs} - fell on the turn. Only one of the two remaining jacks in the deck would save Cymbaluk on the river, and it wasn't to be as the {5-Spades} completed the board.

The Canadian Cowboy is eliminated, while Tau, who started the day with just over six big blinds, now has 680,000 chips.

Player Chips Progress
Enrico Tau
Enrico Tau
680,000 230,000
Glen Cymbaluk ca
Glen Cymbaluk
ca Busted

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