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Ni vs Nhouyvanisvong


Alexander Ni went all-in from the small blind on the board reading {3-Clubs} {2-Hearts} {10-Spades} and found a caller in Eric Nhouyvanisvong in the big blind.

Ni: {7-Clubs} {7-Hearts}
Nhouyvanisvong: {J-Clubs} {10-Hearts}

Nhouyvanisvong's tens were good for the win as the {A-Diamonds} on the turn and {2-Spades} on the river was not what Ni was looking for. Nhouyvanisvong was the one who was running for his tournament life and collected twice as much chips as he put into the pot.

Eric Nhouyvanisvong
Eric Nhouyvanisvong
174,000 14,000

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Julius Headed Home

Kyle Julius
Kyle Julius

During the break Kyle Julius informed us that earlier in the day he had lost a monster pot that would have likely given him the chip lead. Julius held a pair and flush draw in the hand, but was up against the nut-flush draw. Needless to say, Julius didn't win that hand and never got the chip lead.

From there, things went downhill for Julius and he ultimately busted just before the last break holding {A-}{A-} to {6-Spades}{7-Spades}. We didn't get any more details than that, but we can confirm that Julius is out.

Kyle Julius us
Kyle Julius
us Busted

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One More Level

donpeters • Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

The players are back from the break and onto the last 75-minute level of the night.


Try Putting Vinson On This Hand


Ben Vinson has passed the 300k mark after piling pressure on an opponent on a wet board, and actually backing into a hand he needed as a back up.

Szabolcs Mayer raised from early position and Vinson defended his big blind to see a {9-Spades}{a-Spades}{3-Spades} flop. Mayer continued for 5,000 and called when Vinson check-raised to 14,200.

Vinson didn't slow down on the {5-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} turn and river and fired for 22,000 and 36,000. Mayer called fairly quickly on the turn but took a lot longer to call on the river.

He was shocked when Vinson tabled {7-Clubs}{6-Clubs} for a running inside straight. Vinson stacked his chips as his Hungarian opponent sat shaking his head.

Ben Vinson gb
Ben Vinson
gb 310,000 65,000
Szabolcs Mayer hu
Szabolcs Mayer
hu 98,000 -254,000

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It's All Over for Andrulis


Alberto Musini raised to 4,300 pre-flop and Kristijonas Andrulis three-bet to 11,200. Musini then four-bet to 28,300 and Andrulis five bet all-in. Musini snap-called and flipped over the {K-Hearts} {K-Clubs}. Andrulis opened up {A-Spades} {Q-Clubs} putting himself on the verge of elimination.

The board ran {9-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {3-Diamonds} {J-Spades} {6-Spades} giving no hope for Andrulis and eliminating him from the event.

Alberto Musini
Alberto Musini
308,000 78,000
Kristijonas Andrulis lt
Kristijonas Andrulis
lt Busted

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Nhouyvanisvong Five-Bets Heinz


An early position player opened to 4,500 and it folded to Eric Nhouyvanisvong who three-bet to 10,600. Piuz Heinz riffled chips in the small blind for a solid twenty seconds before dropping out a four-bet to 27,600. The original raiser folded and action was back on Nhouyvanisvong. He announced a five-bet all in for well over 100,000. It didn't take long for Heinz to release his hand and award Nhouyvanisvong the pot.

Pius Heinz de
Pius Heinz
de 265,000 -35,000
Eric Nhouyvanisvong
Eric Nhouyvanisvong
160,000 107,100

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