€50,000 Super High Roller



Big Win for Smith

[user72235] • Level 6: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante

Andy Moseley opened the hand from under the gun for 7,000. Dan Smith made the call as did Steve Silverman in the big blind.

The dealer opened {5-Hearts} {5-Spades} {9-Spades} on the flop and Moseley checked. Smith, however, did not and bet 15,000. Silverman quickly folded and Moseley called.

The turn brought {K-Clubs} and Smith fired another 38,000, which Moseley called. The river card came the {2-Clubs} and was checked by Moseley once again. Smith wasn't ready for a showdown just yet and went in for 125,000. Moseley thought about it for a bit and then mucked his hand.

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O'Dwyer Thriving on Second Bullet

Steve O'Dwyer
Steve O'Dwyer

Ilya Bulychev opened for 6,000 from middle position and received a call from Steve O'Dwyer on the button. The former proceeded to check-call a bet of 10,000 on the {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{J-Clubs} flop, and then checked the {10-Spades} turn. O'Dwyer didn't slow down and slid out 22,000, which proved to be enough as Bulychev folded.

So far, buying in for a second time looks to be a wise choice by O'Dwyer.

Steve O'Dwyer ie
Steve O'Dwyer
ie 390,000 140,000
Ilya Bulychev ru
Ilya Bulychev
ru 95,000 -30,000

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Sahamies Drops One to Litvinov

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari Sahamies

Action folded around to Artem Litvinov in the small blind and he limped, which inspired Ilari Sahamies to raise to 9,000 from the big. Litvinov made the call and then check-called bets of 15,000 and 25,000 on the {7-Spades}{A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} flop and {3-Diamonds} turn respectively.

Both players then checked the {7-Diamonds} river and Sahamies showed {A-Spades}{8-Spades} for a flopped two pair, but it was no good as Litvinov showed {K-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} for the nut flush.

"Oh," Sahamies said with a hint of surprise. "I needed an eight on the river."

Artem Litvinov ru
Artem Litvinov
ru 300,000 90,000
Ilari Sahamies fi
Ilari Sahamies
fi 287,000 -43,000

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Small One for Adams


Over on the feature table, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier opened for 5,000 from early position and cleared the field all the way to Timothy Adams, who made the call from the big blind.

Both players proceeded to check both the {2-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} flop and {7-Diamonds} turn, and then Adams bet 8,300 on the {10-Clubs} river. Grospellier quickly released his hand and gave up on the pot. It wasn't much of a hand, but given our restricted access to the feature table, we thought we'd pass it on.

Timothy Adams ca
Timothy Adams
ca 270,000 10,000
Bertrand Grospellier fr
Bertrand Grospellier
fr 163,000 -14,000

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The Russian Fight

[user72235] • Level 5: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

At one of the secondary feature tables, Anatoly Gurtovoy opened the hand with a 10,000 raise and found a customer in Igor Kurganov. The rest of the table folded and the two went heads up into the flop.

The board ran {A-Hearts} {2-Hearts} {10-Clubs} and both players checked. The {J-Clubs} on the turn didn't trigger much action either as both checked again.

However, Kurganov decided to get things going by betting 7,500 after the {Q-Spades} came on the river only to see Gurtovoy raise to 25,000. After thinking for a few seconds, Kurganov finally folded his hand and Gurtovoy showed an {A-} and collected the pot.

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Bad Start for Mizzi


We caught the action on the turn with a board reading {J-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} and about 60,000 in the pot. Justin Bonomo was in the big blind and led out for 47,000, which Sorel Mizzi called from the under-the-gun position.

Both players then checked the {6-Clubs} river, and Bonomo turned over {A-Hearts}{5-Hearts} for a flopped flush. Mizzi double checked his own cards and then gently tossed them to the muck.

Justin Bonomo us
Justin Bonomo
us 400,000 225,000
Sorel Mizzi ca
Sorel Mizzi
ca 172,000 -78,000

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