Main Event

Williams Movin' On Up

[user66118] • Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante
David Williams

We infer David Williams was the preflop raiser based on position, but we didn't pick up the action until a four-way flop brought {4-Diamonds} {9-Hearts} {4-Spades}. Williams put out the first bet of 2,500, and Dmitry Grishin and Rocco Palumbo called before the action came back around to Pierangelo Bonometti in the big blind. He check-raised to 7,000 total, but Williams raised it right back up to 11,500. That folded the two monkeys in the middle, and Bonometti shook his head and surrendered as well.

Williams has moved to about 60,000 chips with that pot -- 60,025 by our count.

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