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Ace-High Wins it for Pogodin

[user196676] • Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

With 15,500 already in the middle, Konstantin Pogodin and Sorel Mizzi were engaged in a hand where the board read {4-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}. Pogodin checked over to Mizzi who shot out 10,500. Pogodin opted to come over the top with a check-raise to 22,500. Mizzi called to see fifth street.

The dealer paired the board on the river with the {4-Spades}. Pogodin slowed with a check and MIzzi knocked the table in reply. Pogodin showed {A-Hearts}{k-Clubs} for ace-king high. Mizzi mucked his hand and Pogodin was awarded the pot. He now has about 208,000 while the start-of-day chip leader has dropped to 386,000.

Player Chips Progress
Sorel Mizzi ca
Sorel Mizzi
ca 386,000 -53,900
Konstantin Pogodin ru
Konstantin Pogodin
ru 208,000 6,700

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