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Igor Grytsak Eliminates a Player

will_shill • Level 10: 600-1,200, 200 ante

A player in early position opened to 3,300 and there were four callers. The flop came {k-Spades}{9-Spades}{6-Hearts}. Igor Grytsak bet 7,800 and got one caller.

The turn was the {3-Clubs}. Action was on Grytsak who moved all in, and was instantly called by his opponent who had a smaller stack.

The reporter doesn't speak Czech, but even he knew that by the sounds of things Grytsak didn't feel confident as he turned over {j-Clubs}{k-Clubs}. His tone of voice changed substantially however when the river was the {a-Diamonds} and Grytsak added a large chunk of chips to his stack, which makes it one of the biggest in the room.

Igor Grytsak ua
Igor Grytsak
ua 130,000

From Middle Pair to Full House

will_shill • Level 9: 500-1,000, 100 ante

A player opened to 2,200 from early position. The player in the cutoff called, as did Nicolas Sievers from the button.

The flop was {7-Spades}{6-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. The two players checked to Sievers who bet 4,000. The pre-flop aggressor folded, but the other player called.

The turn was the {q-Clubs} and it checked to Sievers who bet 9,000. His opponent called.

The river was the {6-Diamonds} and again it checked to Sievers who bet enough to put his opponent all in. He eventually called, and Sievers turned over {q-Spades}{6-Spades} for a full house.

His opponent pushed his cards irretrievably forward into the muck and was eliminated.

"From middle pair to full house," said Sievers in German, "Not bad!"

Nicolas Sievers DE
Nicolas Sievers
DE 80,000 28,000

Lubor Klima Eliminated by Anatoliy Vasilev

will_shill • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

A player in early position raised to 1,800. Anatoliy Vasilev three-bet to 6,600 and Lubor Klima four-bet all in for 10,200.

It folded back around to the initial raiser who tried to ascertain whether Vasilev could raise if he called. It was decided that he could. The player folded and the cards were turned over.

Klima: {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs}
Vasilev: {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}

The board ran out: {7-Hearts}{4-Spades}{2-Clubs}{q-Spades}{2-Spades} meaning Klima was dead on the turn, with Vasilev making a full house on the end for good measure.

Anatoliy Vasilev
Anatoliy Vasilev
Lubor Klima CZ
Lubor Klima
CZ Busted

Jan Vaverka Doubles Up

will_shill • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

A player in early position opened to 1,700 and the hijack called. Jan Vaverka then moved all in from the small blind for 13,600. The hijack looked eager but had to wait for the initial raiser to fold.

He did so, and the hijack quickly called and showed {10-Clubs}{j-Clubs} and was behind and dominated by Vaverka's {a-Spades}{j-Hearts}.

The board ran out {k-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{4-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} and Vaverka doubled up to just under starting stack.

Jan Vaverka CZ
Jan Vaverka
CZ 29,000


will_shill • Level 7: 300-600, 75 ante

The 99 remaining players are going on a 15-minute break as they race-off the 25-value chips. The current average is just a shade under 44,000, and players will have four more levels before re-entry closes.

Damir Matic Doubles Through Sebastian Langrock

will_shill • Level 7: 300-600, 75 ante

There were four limps to a flop of {5-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{2-Clubs} including Sebastian Langrock in the small blind and Damir Matic in the big blind.

Langrock bet 1,600 on the flop, Matic called as did the initial limper. The fourth player folded.

The turn was the {10-Clubs} and Langrock checked to Matic who bet 3,950. "So strong!" said the third player, who folded.

Langrock wanted to know how much Matic had behind. Matic obliged by revealing two orange-coloured 5,000 chips, and Langrock called.

The river was the {9-Diamonds} and Langrock checked to his opponent who put the remaining 10,000 chips into the middle.

"Bluffing again?" asked the German, who had recently picked off a bluff from the same opponent.

Langrock called, but was shown the bad news when Matic rolled over {a-Diamonds}{3-Spades} for a flopped straight.

"Nuts or nothing," said Langrock showing {3-}{2-}.

Sebastian Langrock de
Sebastian Langrock
de 33,000
Damir Matic
Damir Matic
29,000 29,000

Langrock Picks Off a Bluff

will_shill • Level 7: 300-600, 75 ante

Lubor Klima limped from the hijack before Sebastian Langrock raised from the button to 2,000. Damir Matic called in the small and the big blind folded.

With action back on Klima, Langrock said: "Everyone knows you're calling," before Klima called.

The flop came {7-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{2-Clubs} and the three players each checked. On the turn which was the {3-Diamonds} Matic bet 3,000. Klima folded but Langrock called.

The river was the {7-Spades} and Matic bet 6,000. Langrock called. Matic showed {a-Clubs}{8-Hearts} but Langrock had him beat with {a-Spades}{10-Hearts}, which elicited a rap of the table from Matic.

Sebastian Langrock de
Sebastian Langrock
de 50,000 50,000