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WPT GTO Trainer Hands of the Week: MP2 5x Open Vs BTN 3x 3-Bet

WPT GTO Trainer Hands of the Week: MP2 5x Open Vs BTN 3x 3-Bet

This week you are in a tournament spot, and given the pay jumps and the presence of a 10BB and 12BB stack, you are strongly incentivized to not bust out of the tournament at this point.

One of the first things to note about this spot is that the Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR) is extremely low. There are 17.5BBs in the pot and only 22BBs left in the effective stack, making for a very shallow SPR of 1.25 to 1. This fact, along with the real money considerations, should alter your play quite a bit compared to deeper stacked cash game spots.

With strong one pair hands on the flop, you should often consider raising all-in after your opponent c-bets on coordinated boards. This strategy protects your hand and doesn’t allow cheap turn cards for your opponent and is especially important to the one-pair hand that are more vulnerable to overcards.

Learn WPT GTO Trainer Hand of the Week

With good draws such as an open-ended straight draw or flush draw, you should often play passively in order to avoid busting out. All-in semi-bluffs with draws should generally be avoided when there are multiple shorter stacks at a final table with significant pay jumps.

When your opponent checks you on the Button, you can often take stabs at the pot with a variety of hands. However, you should avoid calling all-ins without hands with high equity. The ICM pressure of this spot dictates that you should fold to an all-in with marginal hands.

You should usually only float with hands that have strong board interaction, blocker effects, and multiple ways to win. When you do float, be prepared to take stabs on the turn when you block strong hands.

To see more examples and test your skills, you can play through five free solved hands from this scenario.

To access the free five hands, visit this page.

Regular play on the WPT GTO Trainer will help you adjust your decisions closer and closer to GTO strategy.

You don’t have to be the world’s best player to use GTO Strategy, and thanks to the WPT GTO Trainer, now you don’t have to buy expensive software or have expert level knowledge to study GTO.

Why use the WPT GTO Trainer?

The WPT GTO Trainer lets you play real solved hands against a perfect opponent in a wide variety of postflop scenarios for cash game and tournament play.

If your goal is to be a tough poker player then you should try the WPT GTO Trainer today.

Register a free account here (it only takes your e-mail address to begin) to play hands and see true GTO strategy in real-time.

The WPT GTO Trainer has over 2 billion unique solved flops, turns and rivers that are fully playable.

As you make decisions in a hand, you receive instant feedback on the specific EV loss (if any) and Played Percentage for every action you take as compared to GTO strategy.

The full selection of scenarios for the WPT GTO Trainer are only available to members of LearnWPT, however we’re giving PokerNews Readers free access to the Trainer on a regular basis with the WPT GTO Hands of The Week.

Use this series of articles to practice the strategies you learn on LearnWPT (or at the table) and test your progress by playing a five-hand sample each week.

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