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Three Triple Draw Tips from Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick

Three Triple Draw Tips from Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick

Over the last half-dozen years, the U.K.’s Stephen Chidwick has become a star on the tournament circuit, having amassed just over $4 million in live tournament earnings while consistently demonstrating high-level ability in all poker variants.

Among Chidwick’s favorite games is 2-7 Triple Draw, and our resident mixed-game connoisseur Remko Rinkema caught up with Chidwick not long ago to talk some triple draw strategy.

Speaking just prior to the start of this year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars and the World Series of Poker, Chidwick begins by talking about his intended schedules for each series, and in fact would shortly afterwards go on to finish second out of 381 in Event #11-M: $215 2-7 Triple Draw, one of eight cashes and four final tables he’d make during the 2015 SCOOP.

Chidwick then proceeded to enjoy a strong summer as well in Las Vegas, cashing seven times and making two more final tables, including a runner-up in the $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship.

When the talk turns to 2-7 triple draw strategy, Chidwick covers three main areas of advice in his comments:

1. Have a deuce

“People who play the game often refer to it as ‘deuce’” Chidwick begins, starting with the frequently given advice — especially to newcomers — that “having a deuce in your hand is the most important tip.”

He adds to that with further explanation for why drawing to less than the nuts (especially in multi-way pots) can be a recipe for trouble in 2-7, as can drawing one with possible straight-making hands.

If you don’t have a {2-}, the next-best option Chidwick recommends is to be drawing one with {8-}{3-}{x-}{x-} with the other two cards in between the eight and the trey — but even then such a hand might not be playable.

2. Check if you draw more cards, bet if you draw fewer

Regarding how the draws can shift the dynamic when it comes to betting, Chidwick talks about how your opponent drawing more cards than you do should be a signal to bet rather than check when given the opportunity. Likewise, if you’re drawing more, checking is probably a better option, or at least will be the course most often taken.

3. Don’t forget about snowing

Finally, the pair discuss “snowing” or standing pat and “pretending you have a good hand with a pair or a bad hand in order to bluff later,” a strategy Chidwick says he thinks is underrated in 2-7 and can be especially effective against unsuspecting players.

Take a look and hear Chidwick’s clear explanations of each of these points about how to excel at 2-7 triple draw:

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