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Strategy with Kristy: WSOP Quickie with Darryll Fish

Strategy with Kristy: WSOP Quickie with Darryll Fish 0001

During the World Series of Poker, hostess Kristy Arnett will bring listeners quick strategy tidbits for the Strategy with Kristy podcast. For the latest episode, she grabbed Darryll Fish on a break to discuss a hand he played during the middle levels of WSOP Event #2, a $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Eight-Handed tournament.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

There was an Asian guy at the table I didn't recognize, and he was kind of getting punished by a couple of the other young guys. They were three-betting him and stuff, so he was a little fed up. He min-raised under-the-gun with blinds at 1,000-2,000. We both had almost 100,000 in chips, so I want to play a lot of hands against this type of spot. It folded to me on the button with {6-Clubs}{7-Clubs}. I decided to call to see a flop in position. The blinds fold. The flop comes {5-}{8-}{9-} rainbow, so I flop the nut straight. He bet 6,000. I could call or I could raise in this spot. There's definitely merit to each, but I chose to raise. I thought he would never fold an overpaid or maybe not even fold ace-king because he's fed up from the other guys. I made it 16,500. After some deliberation, he made it 23,000 more. I was pretty happy of course. It was close between calling and shoving. We have about 60,000 behind which is a little less than the pot. After I call the 23,000 it's about half to two-thirds pot. It's close because I expect him to call off after putting that much in, but at the same time, if you go all in, sometimes people will find a fold with aces. I just figured I'd call, and if any safe card comes, he's just going to shove it all in. There's also the downside that the turn might comes something he doesn't like — any card in the middle that makes a straight or anything like that. But, I decided it's just too risky that he might fold, so I called. The turn was {3-Hearts}, and he goes all in. I call and he has {9-}{10-}. He ended up putting in a lot of chips with a hand that's never good. It was a byproduct of the frustration from the other guys. He took it out on me which is a mistake a lot of people make.

Fish finished third in this event for $215,000.

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