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Strategy with Kristy: Two Hands from the One Drop High Roller

The One Drop High Roller, a $111,111 buy-in tournament, commenced at the World Series of Poker on Wednesday. The massive buy-in and world-class caliber players created a recipe for high-pressure situations. On the latest installment of the Strategy with Kristy podcast, host Kristy Arnett speaks with Byron Kaverman and Greg Mueller separately about hands each of them played in which a player tanked for a significant amount of time.

Here is a snippet from Mueller's interview:

"Danny Alaei just moved to the table, and he'd shown like {9-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}, so we know he's in there, playing. The blinds were 500/1,000, and I raised to 2,300 with pocket sixes. He made it 8,000, so right away, I thought he had {a-}{k-}. The Grinder [Michael Mizrachi] called, Jeff Gross called in the big blind, and I called. The flop came {a-}{k-}{6-} with two clubs. I checked, Danny bet 18,000, Grinder called, and I check-raised 52,000, which is a pretty big play. They both called, so the pot was already over 200,000. The turn card paired the {a-}. I checked because I was worried he had {a-}{k-}. Danny fired 120,000, and Grinder folded. I called. The river was a {2-}, and he went all in for another 140,000. If I would have called and lost, I would have had 130,000. If I fold, I have 270,000. And if I call and I'm right, I have 900,000. I tanked for so long. In my mind, he had to have {a-}{k-} there. Maybe it was a tight fold, but a lot of people I talked to said it was the right fold."

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