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Strategy with Kristy: Darren Rabinowitz on Break in Aussie Millions Main Event

Darren Rabinowitz is a tournament poker professional who lives in Las Vegas. He made the trek across the ocean to the Aussie Millions and made the final table in the Main Event, ultimately finishing in 4th place. On Day 4, he spoke to Strategy with Kristy host, Kristy Arnett, about the tournament, playing big stacks at the table, bankroll considerations for playing big tournaments and more.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

I definitely like to mix it up and get creative in spots, but I don't want to punt off a bunch of equity. This is a pretty big opportunity for me. I'm pretty aware of the money jumps and what the top prize is. It'd be pretty significant for me. I want to be creative but I also want chill in some spots. You have to have bankroll considerations. In a $300 Venetian Deepstack, if I win $20,000, that's obviously great but when I then travel here, that money doesn't go too far. It's good to keep your roll at a constant place so you don't go too far down. If you play five of these $10,000 tournaments and don't run or play well, that could ruin your year. So I'm definitely playing a little bit different than I would in a normal tournament. I'm aware of that, and I'm trying not to let it bother me.

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