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Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Adrienne Rowsome Discusses Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better

The latest guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast was Adrienne Rowsome, also known as "Talonchick" online. She is an occupational therapist and member of PokerStars Team Online. Previously an Omaha eight-or-better specialist, Rowsome has expanded her repertoire to include many mixed games including seven-card stud eight-or-better.

On this week's podcast, she discusses one particularly interesting hand. Here is a snippet from the interview:

"I had split nines, so my upcard was a nine and I had a nine in the hole. I can't remember what my third card was, but it's fairly irrelevant. Of the six people playing, I actually had the highest card and everybody else had an eight, a six, a five, and a three. I was thinking, 'OK, they have four low cards, that's a lot of low cards dead.' That often means my pair of nines is probably winning at this stage.

"Now, the reason why this hand has stuck with me is because the first lesson I ever learned was that a pair of nines is awful in Omaha high-low split and in seven-card stud eight-or-better. Nines are just a weak pair, and they can't be used to make a low. If anyone behind me had had a card like a Broadway card, I wouldn't have proceeded with the hand because the likelihood they would pair up could be crushing to me.

"The player with the three up brought in, I completed it, and it then got raised behind me, which is common when someone sees low cards and someone completing with a nine. My hand is fairly face up. I believe five of the six players saw fourth street. At this stage, I'm thinking that what they're doing is going for the low. On fourth street, I hit another nine. My hand is still face up. They know I either have trip nines or a pair of buried aces. At the least I have two pair, but most likely I have trips. A few of them hit good low cards. I remember they were making cards that wouldn't make me worry they hit a straight. What happens in stud hi-lo is that when players are competing, there will be a lot of raising and posturing because there is very good chance for them to make a low. So the pot actually got quite big. I was able to put in raises and punish them for drawing to a low. The hand ran out and I ended up making full house, so I secured the high hand of a rather large pot."


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