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Strategy with Kristy: Mickey Petersen Discusses Playing a Table Full of Regs

PokerStars Team Online member Mickey Petersen is this week's guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast. Petersen talks about currently playing the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker, his introduction into poker through Magic the Gathering, and details about how to survive at a table full of competent players.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

"I'll give you an example of I've dealt with different kinds of tables. Two weeks ago at PCA, I played the $25,000 High Roller. I had a really tough table. I thought everyone was good. Everyone had a pretty clear idea of what they're doing, what kind of hands they're going to play, and no one was goofing around at all. At a table like that, I play really tight. Obviously, it depends on my distribution of hands, but I'm never going to sit there and be like, 'Oh I haven't opened a hand in awhile, maybe I should make this bad open because people are going to give me respect.' You need to have a certain set game plan and employ your best strategy. At a table like that, sometimes you will end up playing really tight. As a default, I think that's the correct play.

"Then last week, I was playing in a UKIPT [event] which was an £1,100 tournament in Edinburgh and it was a lot of recreational players. At that table, I ended up playing almost half the hands because no one was really defending their button or their big blind. Everyone was playing too passive, basically, so it was free money to open a lot."

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