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Strategy with Kristy: Kristy Discusses Poker Night in America Experience

On this edition of the Strategy with Kristy podcast, host Kristy Arnett discusses taking a shot in a $25/$50 no-limit hold'em cash game for the up and coming show Poker Night in America.

Here is a snippet from the podcast:

I played a classic tight-aggressive style and was the aggressor in almost every hand I played. I folded small pairs and king-jack offsuit in early position, and my range for calling raises out of position was extremely small. I was not going to play pots out of position with marginal hands.

I definitely should have mixed it up a bit more with Greg Mueller, because he was playing so loose to my direct right. I also think I misplayed a hand versus him early in the game when he raised from the small blind into my big blind and Mike Matusow’s straddle. I three-bet him with ace-queen offsuit because as loose as he was playing, I thought he’d call with anything. Matusow folded, and Mueller called as expected. The flop was a dry jack-jack-three. He checked, I continuation bet, and he put in a raise slightly larger than the minimum. I didn’t think he’d do this with a jack, so I thought his range was small pairs and bluffs. I thought he probably assumed I’d fold all unpaired hands, so check min-raising as a bluff or to “see where he was at” with small pairs would actually make sense. I decided to call since I’m beating all bluffs, have equity with my over cards, and can bluff out small pairs since my range looks so strong should he give up on the turn or river.

The turn was a queen. He checked, which was consistent with the range I put him on. Since I thought he had small pairs or a bluff and my hand would be really hard to get beat by the river, I checked behind. I wanted to give him a chance to bluff the river.

The river was a king. He checked, I value bet, and he folded.

The reason I think I misplayed the hand is because I should have bet the turn. Looking back, I think he’d almost never try to bluff the river because as I said before, my hand looks so strong. However, he may call on the turn with a small pair, if he turned draw with a hand like nine-ten, or a worse queen. Likely the only way he puts more money in the pot is if he’s winning. Betting the turn is by far the best play.

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