Strategy with Kristy: Alec Torelli Talks About Handling Downswings

Alec Torelli is an all-around player who competes in live and online cash games and tournaments all over the world. He's well respected in the poker community for his play as well as his ability to articulate strategy and theory in writing. He comes on the Strategy with Kristy podcast for a two-part interview. This week, in Part 1, Torelli discusses how to handle downswings.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

"Someone wrote me a story about how he lost a lot of money, went broke, and asked how to recover from that. How do you recover from a career-wrecking loss? It could be a loss from one big game or a long downswing, which is even more daunting. I touched on reasons that happens, but the practicality of it, I wanted to give him some perspective. It is possible to recover this money because he had the ability to make it in the first place. Also, he needs to understand that he still has all these things that money can't buy — your health, your family, your wife or whatever those things are. I think the first step is really taking a step back and realizing you still have an amazing life and amazing situation. Having that perspective is not only important when you're losing a lot, but also when you're winning because that keeps you grounded. It keeps you happy on a daily basis."

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