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PokerSimple: Episode 4 - Straddle Battles

PokerSimple: Episode 4 - Straddle Battles

Straddles matter. To optimize the situation, adjustments must be made. Stack sizes re-evaluated. This week, Lee and Tommy pick the low-hanging fruit of profitable straddle management. And there's a short story from Tommy's nittiest past.

If you give these guys a hand, they'll give you a hat. That is, if you write out a hand you played in the comments sections at YouTube, and if Lee and Tommy talk about your hand in a video, you'll receive a stylish black baseball cap with the PokerSimple logo on it. And they'll have a good hand to discuss!

0:48Straddles are the new big blind
1:55Double the blind, double your raise
2:50Straddles and Starting Hand Ranges
5:25A straddle cuts the stacks in half
7:01"I used to be that a**hole"

Through their books and coaching, poker lifers Lee Jones and Tommy Angelo make the world a better place for cash-game fanatics. Learn more here: and

  • Straddles raise the stakes in live cash games. Do you adjust correctly? A new one from @PokerSimple1.

  • Many don't realize how straddles change the game. When they're introduced, keep these ideas in mind.

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