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PokerSimple: Episode 11 - Going Pro

PokerSimple: Episode 11 - Going Pro

The freedom. The despair. The soaring. The plunging. It's all in your future when you quit your job and go pro. That's what the PokerSimple duo dives into this week. Or rather, off of. The cliff.

2:25Upsides of Being a Pro
7:34Funding Your Startup
9:09Where to Live
13:10The Game Does Not Remain the Same
15:09To Jump or Not to Jump

Through their books and coaching, poker lifers Lee Jones and Tommy Angelo make the world a better place for cash-game fanatics. Learn more here: and

  • Thinking of becoming a poker pro? First watch this discussion from the guys at @PokerSimple1.

  • [email protected] and @TheTommyAngelo discuss factors players should consider when contemplating going pro.

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Lee Jones
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Tommy Angelo

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