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PokerSimple: Episode 1 - Value Betting the Turn

PokerSimple: Episode 1 - Value Betting the Turn

A "value bet" is a bet made "for value," meaning the person doing the betting wants the opponent to call the bet, unlike in the case of a bluff when the player betting desires a fold.

This first episode of PokerSimple is about value betting on the turn, which gets dicey when you have only one pair, but it's the best hand, meaning there's value to be had, if you know when and why to pull the trigger. That's the opening topic.

The next three sections go into the most useful point of this video…

When you know — before you bet — that you can correctly fold to aggression, this allows you to step up the aggression with your value bets, correctly and fearlessly.

Then we talk about picking your price, meta-game muscle, and making the draws pay.

1:30Why Tommy bets the turn
3:12Folding to the check-raise
5:04Folding overpairs
7:38Betting the river
10:26Setting the price on the river
12:18Meta-game value of betting the river
13:05Make the flush draws pay

Through their books and coaching, poker lifers Lee Jones and Tommy Angelo make the world a better place for cash game fanatics. Learn more here: and

  • Value betting is the focus of ep. 1 of "PokerSimple," the new show by @TheTommyAngelo and @leehjones.

  • Watch the first episode "PokerSimple," the new strategy show from @TheTommyAngelo and @leehjones.

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