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Learn.PokerNews Weekly: Tips from Jordan Morgan, Tourney Talk, and Bet-Timing Tells

Learn.PokerNews Weekly: Tips from Jordan Morgan, Tourney Talk, and Bet-Timing Tells 0001

Each week Learn.PokerNews presents new articles offering strategy advice, features, interviews, and more both for new poker players and seasoned veterans of the game. New contributions from Learn.Pokernews’ many writers are posted regularly, and each Sunday the Learn.PokerNews Weekly presents a couple of the more popular articles from the past week while also reaching back to point to an earlier item you might have missed.

This week’s sampling includes a star from this summer’s WSOP offering advice to new players, a compilation of tips for triumphing over big-field tourneys, and a look at how to interpret the length of time players take when acting.

Jordan Takes a TO

Poker pro Jordan Morgan had a terrific summer at this year’s World Series of Poker despite not even playing his first event until the WSOP was already a month old.

The first event Morgan played was Event #44: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em, and in fact he won it, earning a handsome $478,102 first prize and his first ever WSOP bracelet. Morgan would make another final table before the summer was through, finishing eighth in Event #59: $3,000 Omaha Hi-Low, thereby continuting what has been a decade-long career of success both live and online where he plays as “iMsoLucky0.”

As the WSOP was winding down, Morgan took some time to talk with Learn about how he got started with poker as well as to pass along advice to new players about how to improve their games.

Battling Through Big Fields

This year’s WSOP Main Event drew a huge turnout of 6,683 players, one of many events this summer that saw fields in the thousands. Being able to survive large-field tournaments requires a special set of skills, and this week Kim Yuhl spoke with several pros about “Eight Essential Characteristics for Navigating Large Tournament Fields.”

Neil Gibson provided a follow-up to that piece for Learn, delving into the archives to find articles speaking to each of the eight characteristics highlighted as valuable for handing those big fields — patience, focus, awareness, adaptability, confidence, resilience, fearlessness, and agression.

What Does It Mean When a Player Bets Quickly or Slowly?

Poker author Zachary Elwood has a brand new book out, Verbal Poker Tells, which finds him assessing a wide range of table talk as he presents examples of deception, truth-telling, misdirection, defensive statements, and other verbal patterns.

Not long ago Elwood focused on a different category of tells for Learn readers, those having to do with the amount of time players take to act. What does it mean when a player acts immediately? What about when a player tanks first, then puts in a raise? Certain tendencies tend to repeat themselves when it comes to “bet-timing tells,” and Elwood does a good job explaining how the time a player takes to act might be suggesting something meaningful about the strength of his or her hand.

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