How to Respond When Facing a 'Misclick' Minimum Reraise

Jonathan Little

Here's another hand from the six-max $10,000 World Series of Poker side event we've been discussing, this one presenting an interesting spot in which an opponent makes one of those accidental "misclick" raises — in this case a min-reraise over my preflop three-bet.

The blinds were 250/500, and action began with the player in the cutoff who had about 30,000 to start the hand raising to 1,100. I looked down at {q-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} on the button and with about 60,000 in my stack I three-bet to 3,300. As I discuss in the video below, in this situation you want to call with hands that flop well, but not with hands like queen-jack offsuit that don't.

It folded back around to the cutoff who made a minimum-reraise to 5,500, a bet which I understood at the time to have been an honest mistake as the player looked like he meant only to call my reraise. (Angle shooting is always possible in these situations, but that didn't appear to be the case here.)

What should I do here? Reraise? Shove? Just call? See what I decided to do and listen to my explanation for why I did.

What is your play here when facing an apparent "misclick" min-reraise?

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  • Call? Reraise? Shove? @JonathanLittle faces an accidental "misclick" min-four-bet in a $10K event.

  • What do you do when an opponent means to call but mistakenly reraises? See what @JonathanLittle did.

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