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Hand Analysis: Chris Moorman Explains a Bluff Gone Wrong

Chris Moorman

With more than $13 million in online tournament earnings plus another $4.5 million-plus in live events, it's safe to say Chris Moorman has executed more than his share of successful bluffs.

After all, the 888poker Ambassador has countless hours of experience reading opponents and situations to know when and where betting with the probable worst hand is going to be the profitable play.

However, the saying goes "if you don't ever get caught bluffing, you aren't bluffing enough." Even Chris Moorman sometimes gets caught over a barrel sometimes — or over a triple-barrel.

We caught up with Moorman at 888Live Poker Festival London where he analyzed for us a bluff gone wrong when four-handed in the High Roller event.

With he and his opponent first and second in chips, Moorman tells how his opponent opened from the button, Moorman three-bet with {k-}{q-}-offsuit from the small blind, and his opponent called.

Moorman then proceeded to fire at each postflop street as the board came {8-}{4-}{4-}, then {3-}, then {10-}.

Listen to Moorman's discussion of possible hand ranges for both himself and his opponent on each street, and find out how the hand turned out after he bluffed the river versus this "kind of sticky" opponent:

  • Listen to Chris Moorman quickly break down ranges and options while bluffing in a High Roller hand.

  • VIDEO: Sometimes it seems right to bluff, but you get called, anyway, as Chris Moorman explains.

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