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European Poker Tour Dortmund Day 1 - Pappe_Ruk

European Poker Tour Dortmund Day 1 - Pappe_Ruk 0001

On Wednesday I arrived in Germany for Day 1 of the EPT Dortmund Event. Initially I wasn't even going to play, but last week Jorn "Jornx" Walthaus managed to convince me to come along to this depressing city, but once I was there I was actually really in the mood to play. Because of my RSI (repetitive strain injury) complaints I have yet to have a normal week of online grinding this year, so live games seemed like a good option. As a result of my RSI this article will also not be very long because I simply can't do it at the moment

During the tournament I made a couple of notes on my mobile phone so that I can explain my hands better.

Like in every other EPT event, we started with 10K in chips and blinds of 25/50. After two limpers I decide to limp with 86o in late position. This is a relatively nice hand for multi-way pots so I wanted to see a flop with it in position. The flop is J-7-4 rainbow and the BB bets out 200 with four other players in the hand. I end up being the only caller with my gutshot. The big blind will often be holding at least a J or 56 here. Therefore, my implied odds are pretty good and I can also bluff a couple of cards on the turn and river, so I call. The turn is the {9-Spades}. The big blind checks and I now have an open-end. Because there are quite a few draws on the board at this point (flush draw, straight draw) I don't see him folding a lot of hands here with which he lead out on the flop, so I decide to check. The river is a 2, which is an extremely bad card to try and bluff on after he checks. I therefore decide not to do it and he shows J8 for top pair.

This was followed by a couple of standard hands and I'm up to 12K. With blinds at 50/100, a relatively tight Dutch player decides to make it 300. I have {9-Clubs}{6-Clubs} in the SB and I make the call because I think that my implied odds aren't too bad. The loose BB calls as well and the three of us see a flop K-Q-6. Everybody checks and the turn is an Ace. Again everybody checks and the river is a 5. I check and the loose BB bets 550 into a pot of 900. The Dutch player calls and I have 4th pair on a dangerous board. The big blind was a relatively loose player and I saw that he was close to folding his hand preflop but called because I called in front of him. He knows that the CO is likely not to have an Ace or a King and I also showed a lot of weakness. I would've valuebet an Ace or a King on the river, so this is a nice bet from him to pick up the pot with. After having analysed the hand I decide to call and he showed 86o – a bluff. Unfortunately my kicker didn't play and we split the pot.

In the next hand a loose player limps and I decide to limp as well with A5o on the button. The flop is 874 and everyone checks to me. I bet 275 with my gut shot and runnerrunnernutflushdraw (nice word to use in scrabble) and the small blind calls. Turn comes Ace. I decide to give away a free river card here and don't bet. I don't want to get raised with a semi-bluff type of hand and take little risk by controlling the pot here. The river is a 2, he checks and I valuebet 800. He snapcalls with an 8 and I take down this nice pot.

After this hand we go on a break and I'm sitting on 13K after 3-betting Aces once and not getting any action on my flopped full house and flopped flush…too bad.

After the break the blinds were at 75/150 and I decide to openraise with A7o in the CO. The loose player next to me calls and the blinds fold. The flop is 442 and I bet 400. He calls. His range here is still very wide. I expect him to raise with AJ+ and 99+, so I can already scrap those from his range. This is likely to include many broadway hands and maybe some low pocket pairs. The turn is a King and I decide to check. I played the hand mentioned above the same way, where I checked my top pair on the turn. He checks behind. The river is a 6 and I decide to make it 1,400 to get rid of AT/A9/A8 and some small pocket pairs. He doesn't think long and raises me to 3,500. I insta-fold here and I think that was a big mistake. This isn't the first time where I didn't think enough about the action and insta-folded when I think I can't win the hand anymore anyways. The line my opponent takes here is very strange, something I wasn't thinking about at that point. There are pretty much no hands with which he would raise the river apart from 66. I don't think he is good enough to valueraise a King on the river, especially since I could easily also have a King myself when taking into account the A5 hand I played earlier. Anyway, he proudly shows QTo and I could hit myself for not taking the time to think about the hand thoroughly. I'm not saying I would have called with Ace-high but I could've taken some more time before folding.

After this hand I was sitting on roughly 8K and picked up KK in middle position. I decided to make it 400 again and both blinds call. The flop came 743cc. Both blinds check and I make it 850 with 7K left. The small blind decided to raise to 2,600 and I had 4,400 left. No way am I ever going to fold here, even though I was thinking about a set but hey, so be it. I call and he shows 77. I turned a flush draw but it wasn't meant to be and my EPT adventure in Dortmund came to an abrupt end.

Oh well, better luck next time. Success to everyone who did make it into Day 2.

See you in San Remo!

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