Twister Your Way to a Share of €12,500 Every Week

Betfair Poker Twisters

Twister tournaments are Betfair Poker’s take on jackpot sit & go games whre the prize pool is randomly determined before the first hands are dealt. Twister’s have jackpots worth up to 1,000 times your buy-in, which makes them exciting in their own right, but they can be even more profitable thanks to the €12,500 Twister Races.

The €12,500 Twister Races run every week and see €12,500 worth of Twister tickets won by the top 250 points earners. Prizes range from €20 worth of Twister tickets right up to €1,000 worth.

Twister Payouts

€1€2€5€10€20€50€100Frequency in 100K Games

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Twister Races Points Schedule

You earn leaderboard points for every Twister tournament you play, even if you bust out on the very first hand! However, you earn twice as many points for winning the Twister game, so you need to find a solid balance between quantity and quality.

More points are earned for higher buy-in Twisters. An easy way to keep track of your points is you earn one point for every €1 in your buy-in if you lose. You earn two points per €1 of your buy-in if you win.

Buy-inPoints If LossPoints If Win

Twister Races Payouts

The top 250 points earners come at the end of the week secure a slice of the €12,500 prize pool. Prizes start at four €5 Twister tickets, giving you the four chances to win €5,000, up to 20x €50, giving you 20 chances to win a €50,000 prize.

120x €50 Twister tickets
215x €50 Twister tickets
310x €50 Twister tickets
48x €50 Twister tickets
56x €50 Twister tickets
65x €50 Twister tickets
7-103x €50 Twister tickets
11-254x €20 Twister tickets
26-503x €20 Twister tickets
51-1005x €10 Twister tickets
101-1503x €10 Twister tickets
151-2504x €5 Twister tickets

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Claim Up To €40 of Free Tickets

Signing up to Betfair Poker will see new players receive up to €40 in Free Tickets.

Sign up, download the poker software and create your Betfair Poker nickname.

Then deposit into your poker wallet and head to the Missions section of the poker client.

  • Earn 25 Status Points to receive €20 worth on tickets OR
  • Earn 50 Status Points to receive €40 worth in tickets

When you play at Betfair Poker you will earn Status Points for every game. You will receive 25 Status Points for every €1 in rake and/or tournament fees you accumulate.

Ticket TypeEarn 25 SPs to receive €20 in ticketsEarn 50 SPs to receive €40 in tickets
General Tournament Tickets1 x €5, 1 x €3, 1 x €21 x €5, 3 x €3, 3 x €2
Twister Tickets2 x €2, 2 x €11 x €5, 3 x €2, 4 x €1
Free Blinds40 x €0.1050 x €0.10

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