Win Up To €80,000 in Minutes in bet365’s Twisters

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Twisters are bet365 Poker’s take on the jackpot sit & go craze. These exhilarating single-table tournaments make it possible to win up to 1,000-times your buy-in and do so in a matter of minutes. Hit the Twisters jackpot and you’ll be playing for a share of a cool €100,000.

Jackpot sit & go tournaments are as popular today as they were at launch thanks to them making it possible to win big and fast. Twisters are three-handed hyper-turbo tournaments where the prize pool is randomly determined before the first cards are dealt.

Adding to the excitement is the fact Twisters are played with a winner-takes-all payout structure until the prize pool hits at least €1,000. When the multiplier creates a €1,000 or more prize pool, the tournament pays out all three entrants. The winner walks away with 80% of the money with second and third place each netting 10%. That means you could bank €80,000 in a matter of minutes if you’re a €100 Twister players.

Possible Twister Prize Pools

There are seven different Twister buy-in levels. They start at only €1 and increase up to €100. The potential prize pool multipliers are the same regardless of your buy-in: 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, 50x, and 1,000x.


Chances of Hitting The Jackpot

You’ll be playing for the lower of the prize pool multipliers the majority of the time you fire up Twister tournaments, but much larger prizes are p for grabs and are regularly hit because of the sheer volume of games played at bet365 Poker.

Check out the table below for a breakdown of how likely it is you’ll be playing for big bucks.

MultiplierProbability (€1-€20Probability (€50-€100)
2x64,412 in 100,000 games57,185 in 100,000 games
3x22,002 in 100,000 games25,710 in 100,000 games
5x9,534 in 100,000 games15,000 in 100,000 games
8x4,000 in 100,000 games1,500 in 100,000 games
50x50 in 100,000 games500 in 100,000 games
1000x2 in 100,000 games5 in 100,000 games

Grab Your bet365 Poker Welcome Bonus

Download bet365 Poker via PokerNews and get ready to get your hands on a welcome package. All new depositing bet365 Poker players receive a redeemable €365 bonus. This releases into your available balance in €2.50 increments each time you earn Status Points. You do this by playing real money poker, and they are earned at a rate of 10 Status Points per €1 contributed to the cash game rake or tournament fees.

This is how quickly the bonus releases:

  • First €2.50 – after earning 25 Status Points
  • Second €2.50 – after earning an additional 50 Status Points
  • The following 24x €2.50 – 100 Status Points required for each incremental depositing
  • Remaining instalments – every 250 Status Points
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