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Will You Win One Of These Summer Bootcamp Races in August?

Unibet Poker Summer Bootcamp

The Unibet Poker Summer Bootcamp kicked off on July 6 and continues giving away cash and bonuses throughout August. Are you ready to get your hands on a prize?

Summer Bootcamp’s races run on a weekly basis, as shown in the list below. The aim of the game is super simple: complete daily and weekly tasks to earn race points. If you’re one of the top 30 points earners at the end of each weekly period you secure a prize.

  • From 3rd August until 9th August
  • From 10th August until 16th August
  • From 17th August until 23rd August
  • From 23rd August until 30th August

Get involved in the €15K Summer Freeroll Series

Every Unibet Poker cash game player who hits the NL/PL25 or above tables is eligible for a Summer Bootcamp prize. The races leaderboards are split into Mid Stakes and High Stakes to make it fairer for those grinding out the various tasks.

Mid Stakes, for the purpose of the promotion, are considered to be NL/PL25 to NL/PL100, with High Stakes considered to be NL/PL200 and NL/PL400.

Both leaderboards payout the top 30 finishers, with cash prizes worth up to €1,000 being ready and waiting to be won.

RankMid Stakes RewardHigh Stakes Reward
1€500 cash€1,000 cash
2€350 cash€700 cash
3€250 cash€500 cash
4€200 cash€350 cash
5€150 cash€300 cash
6€100 cash€200 cash
7€50 cash€150 cash
8€50 cash€125 cash
9€50 cash€100 cash
10€50 cash€75 cash
11-20€50 playthrough bonus€50 playthrough bonus
21-30€25 playthrough bonus 

How Do You Earn Summer Bootcamp Race Points?

Points are awarded by completing various poker-related tasks. There are unlimited achievements which, as the name suggests, can be completed as many times as you wish in order to earn points.

You’ll also find some tasks that can only be completed daily or weekly. These award the most points so are definitely worth getting your grind on and doing so.

Look at all these SNG at Unibet Poker

These are the unlimited achievements:

AchievementHold’em PointsOmaha Points
Reach the flop with at least three other players21
Reach the flop in two consecutive hands21
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot33
Be dealt 72 in your starting hand42
Be dealt a straight flush1,000300

Check out the daily and weekly tasks. Note you receive a whopping 1,000 points per week for reaching the flop five times for seven consecutive days!

Play at least two cash game tables simultaneouslyDaily200
Win three pots in any PLO cash gameDaily200
Losing week at eligible stakes, one point per €1 lost per specific weekOnce Per Race450
Reach at least five cash game flops for three consecuive daysOnce Per Race500
Reach at least five cash game flops for seven consecutive daysOnce Per Race1,000

Secure Your Unibet Poker Welcome Bonus

Download Unibet Poker via PokerNews if you don’t already have an account. You’ll receive €20 extra made up from an €8 cash game ticket and four €4 Unibet Open satellite tickets. You’ll also gain access to four €500 welcome freerolls, plus a €200 bonus (£500 to residents of the United Kingdom) that releases into your available account balance when you hit specific rake milestones.

LevelRakeCash reward

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