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Your Ultimate Guide to Unibet Poker Challenges & Missions

Earn new avatars, tournament tickets and cash bonuses thanks to Unibet Poker Challenges

Unibet Poker have been at the very forefront of making their poker product exciting, engaging and fun to play. Whether it's festivals like the European Bounty Cup, or Simpson's Stream Satellites they aim to offer something for everyone.

Their client features all sorts of formats, such as Nano Tournaments, Sit & Go Tournaments and HexaPro Daily Races

Today we take a look at another aspect of their client - Challenges & Missions!

What are Unibet Poker Challenges?

Challenges allow you to earn Loyalty Points as you play. These allow you to unlock new avatars, tournament tickets, poker bonuses and cash.

You can complete challenges in both Texas Hold'em and Omaha cash games on Unibet Poker. For each game type there is a major challenge (e.g. Reach the river when it comes the aces of spades) and a minor challenge (e.g. Have the ace of spades as one of your holecards).

Challenges consist of a step that may need to be completed several times in order to be completed. The number of points you receive for completing a challenge depends on the task. As you progress, you'll see a projection of how many points you will earn once you complete all the steps. This figure is based on the stakes you have been playing so far. You can earn more points by playing higher stakes.

Once you complete a challenge your points balance will update, with rewards automatically unlocked once you have enough points.

The more points you earn, the more valuable the rewards!

However, be sure to check the reset date on display in the Unibet Poker client, with points and challenges resetting after each quarter.

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What are Unibet Poker Missions?

Every month, Unibet Poker players are given a multi-part mission to earn cash game and tournament tickets by completing a series of objectives. View your current objectives by clicking the Missions button at the top of the Unibet Poker client.

You can also see the reward you'll earn upon completing (e.g. €4 PL4 Omaha ticket). Once you've completed all your current objectives you'll receive the reward immediately and move on to the next mission.

Be sure to complete the Mission before the end of the month to receive the rewards!

Download Unibet Poker and Grab Your €200 Bonus

You’re going to need a Unibet Poker account in order to start any Challenge or Missions. Those of you who have one, go right ahead! If you don’t have an account, download Unibet Poker via PokerNews for a welcome bonus worth £500.

Unibet rewards you with cold, hard cash each time you hit specific rake milestones. For example, you receive €1 when you rake €2 and an additional €4 once you’ve generated €10 in rake.

LevelRakeCash reward

The bonus expires 60-days after you create your account so get your grind on and see how much cash you can earn.

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