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Get Your Grind On For the €52K Unibet Summer Bootcamp

€52,000 Unibet Summer Bootcamp

Unibet Poker is putting up €52,000 over the next eight weeks as its popular Summer Bootcamp promotion returns to the site. If you were thinking of creating a Unibet Poker account but haven’t yet got around to it, now is the time to rectify that because there’s some massive value on offer if you’re a cash game grinder.

The Unibet Poker Summer Bootcamp is a series of eight races aimed at cash games players. It doesn’t matter if you prefer No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha, the Summer Bootcamp is open to you.

This promotion is super simple despite it being possible to win up to €1,000 cash every week. All you need to do is fire up the Unibet Poker software or open it in your internet browser, play any cash game that has a buy-in of €25 or more, and complete achievements to earn leaderboard points.

There are two types of achievements you can complete: Unlimited and Daily/Weekly tasks. What are they? Keep reading to find out.

Your ultimate guide to Unibet's challenges and missions

Unlimited Achievements

Unlimited achievements, as their name suggests, can be completed as many times as you wish throughout the Summer Bootcamp. You earn points each and every time you complete one of these achievements.

You’ll notice you earn fewer points for Omaha than Hold’em. This is because Omaha, by its very nature, plays looser and you have more chance of hitting certain hands because you receive twice as many hole cards.

AchievementHold’em PointsOmaha Points
Reach the flop with at least three other players21
Reach the flop in two consecutive hands21
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot33
Be dealt 72 in your starting hand42
Be dealt a straight flush1,000300

It’s also worth noting the points earn from completing unlimited achievements are multiplied by u to three-times depending on the stakes you’re playing for.

  • NL/PL25 (Mid Stakes): 1x
  • NL/PL50 (Mid Stakes): 2x
  • NL/PL100 Mid Stakes): 3x
  • NL/PL200 (High Stakes): 1x
  • NL/PL400 (High Stakes): 2x

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Daily and Weekly Tasks

The Daily and Weekly tasks can only be completed either once per day or once per weekly race. It’s definitely worth your time completing these tasks because they award up to 1,000 points and will certainly make a difference to your points tally come the end of that week’s race.

Play at least two cash game tables simultaneouslyDaily200
Win three pots in any PLO cash gameDaily200
Losing week at eligible stakes, one point per €1 lost per specific weekOnce Per Race450
Reach at least five cash game flops for three consecutive daysOnce Per Race500
Reach at least five cash game flops for seven consecutive daysOnce Per Race1,000

Unibet Summer Bootcamp Prize Breakdown

Each weeks sees the top 20 points earners in the high stakes race and top 30 points earners in the mid-stakes race win a prize. These prizes range from a €25 playthrough bonus up to a cool €1,000 in cold, hard, cash!

RankMid Stakes RewardHigh Stakes Reward
1€500 cash€1,000 cash
2€350 cash€700 cash
3€250 cash€500 cash
4€200 cash€350 cash
5€150 cash€300 cash
6€100 cash€200 cash
7€50 cash€150 cash
8€50 cash€125 cash
9€50 cash€100 cash
10€50 cash€75 cash
11-20€50 playthrough bonus€50 playthrough bonus
21-30€25 playthrough bonus 

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When Are The Bootcamp Races?

There are eight Summer Bootcamp races in total between July 6 and August 30. The first race takes place July 6-12 so download Unibet Poker and hit the tables when you get the chance.

  • From 6th July until 12th July 2020
  • From 13th July until 19th July
  • From 20th July until 26th July
  • From 27th July until 2nd August
  • From 3rd August until 9th August
  • From 10th August until 16th August
  • From 17th August until 23rd August
  • From 23rd August until 30th August

Secure Your Unibet Poker Welcome Bonus

Download Unibet Poker via PokerNews if you don’t already have an account. You’ll receive €20 extra made up from an €8 cash game ticket and four €4 Unibet Open satellite tickets. You’ll also gain access to four €500 welcome freerolls, plus a £500 bonus that releases into your available account balance when you hit specific rake milestones.

LevelRakeCash reward

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