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Win up to €10,000 in Cash Without Making a Deposit at Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker

How would you like a chance at €10,000 in cold, hard cash?

We bet you would and the best part is that it doesn't require any deposit or commitment on your end.

The only catch is that you must not already have an account at Betfair Poker where one spin on the Welcome Wheel could reward you handsomely.

How to Get a Spin on the Welcome Wheel

Getting a spin on the Welcome Wheel where you can win up to €10,000 couldn't be any easier.

All you need to do is follow these three simple steps below and you will be awarded a prize ranging from tickets for Twister tournaments, which are Betfair Poker’s take on jackpot sit & go tournaments, or a cash prize of a whopping €10,000!

  1. Download Betfair Poker through PokerNews through this link.
  2. Choose your poker nickname.
  3. Spin away at the Betfair Poker Welcome Wheel and collect your prize!

Betfair Poker Welcome Wheel Prizes

As we already mentioned, the prizes ranging from Twister tickets to €10,000 in cash.

Most of the time you will win a Twister ticket but if you get lucky enough you will win the grand prize.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to try as it is absolutely for free!

Here is a look at the prizes on tap:

PrizeNumber of prizes being offered
€10,000 cash1
€20 Twister tickets400
€10 Twister tickets500
€5 Twister tickets1,400
€2 Twister tickets5,000
€1 Twister ticket35,000
€0.50 Twister ticket65,000

Make a Deposit to Spin the Missions Wheel

Do you want even more free goodies?

Simply go ahead and make a deposit and a couple of special poker missions that are very easy to complete and you will have new missions for your first seven days after making a deposit.

Here is a look at the first two missions:

  • Play Twister for three days in the next seven days to win three €1 Twister tickets
  • Play 10 hands of 0.02/0.04 cash games to win a €1 Twister ticket

Completing a mission can be rewarding as you will get a spin on the Betfair Poker Missions Wheel where you can win Twister tickets, free spins on the Age of the Gods slot machine, and cash amounts of €1, €10, €100, €1,000 and even €10,000.

Betfair Poker Missions Wheel Prizes

PrizeNumber of prizes being offered
€10,000 cash1
€1,000 cash2
€100 cash50
€10 cash75
€5 Age of the Gods Twister ticket500
20 Age of the Gods free spins6,000
€1 cash30,000
€1 Twister ticket30,000
€0.50 Wild Twister ticket45,000

If you are stuck at home and like free money, this promotion is just up your alley. Who knows, you could be the lucky winner of €10,000!

Download Betfair Poker, cross your fingers and set that Welcome Prize Wheel spinning.

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